Do trend suggest more ransomware attacks in store

ransomware attacks

As we come out from the after the shock of ransomware attack, and gear up to protect ourselves from any future attacks, security experts say that such attacks are here to stay. The WannaCry and NotPetya are just an instance of what we are going to face in the coming years. The shadow group behind such malware are proving to be a step ahead of others and planning more sophisticated hacks.

As the cyber security report reads “While very different in nature and targets, both were surprisingly ineffective as ‘ransomware.’ For example, in the case of WannaCry, its rapid global spread and high profile put a spotlight on the attackers’ Bitcoin ransom account and made it hard for them to cash out. This suggests that the real aim of the WannaCry attack was data destruction… The pattern of destructive malware disguised as ransomware showed itself again in the expert attack.”

We already mentioned it in the beginning that these ransomware’ are here to stay, and their intention is not monetary, they are looking at the disruption of business process across a region. The intention is to bring down the entire infrastructure. We have witnessed such attacks earlier also when a country called Ukraine was completely crippled in 2015, by this bug. It is largely believed that the ‘NotPetya’ is related to those guys BlackEnergy, who created havoc in Ukraine. They are targeting power grid and other important power junction that can literally choke a nation. Coming day malware will be targeting more power companies because this can cause maximum damage.

Needless to say, there is a huge financial catastrophe that comes with such ransomware attack, but this new trend is quite different from the earlier ones. Because earlier ransomware would seize your computer and data and in exchange would ask you for money for the folder. Most people also otherwise fall in the fake ransomware call and end up messing up the whole system.

Sincerely, ransomware is still making a rule and is a disguise in many software. One can be never sure if a wolf is made the security.

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