Minnesota Man Charged for Employing ‘Hacker for hire’ to Target Local Business Website

Cobalt Hackers Linked Magecart Team

Security researchers were able to connect one of the Magecart hacking groups with the notorious threat actor known as the Cobalt Group. Magecart hackers entered the spotlight last year, following…

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Zero Trust Architecture and its Relevance in Cybersecurity

Zero-Day Issued for Old CMS – Online Proof-of-Concept Code Available

Reports of a flaw in older versions of the Joomla content management system (CMS), a common web-based software for the creation and management of websites, was posted online last week….

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Open EDR
Security Researchers Uncover Dark Tequila Banking Malware After 5 Years of Activity

Darknet ‘Cyber Bunker’ Server Hosted in Germany

The German authorities said on Friday they had bust a network hosting illegal trading platforms called Darknet on servers in the old NATO bunker, stolen information and child pornography online….

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A Timeline of the Ashley Madison Hack

A Timeline of the Ashley Madison Hack

The news about the Ashley Madison hack has broken out at a very fast pace. Keeping up with the current story can be challenging, so here is a one-stop solution…

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After hacking data theft European Central Bank closes its website

After hacking, data theft, European Central Bank closes its website

On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed that the BIRD’s Web site was affected by attackers and downsized until the situation was under control. This compromise may have resulted…

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What is Data Exfiltration and How to Prevent

Las Vegas Hacking Convention Exposes Security Flaws

While hacking has a place among many enthusiasts as a test of skill, almost on the level of an art form, the monetary side of the equation is probably the…

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Sephora App and Online Store Hacked Australasia Customers Affected

Sephora App and Online Store Hacked, Australasia Customers Affected

Do you happen to be a Sephora cosmetics online customer these past few weeks? If yes, and you are living in Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the…

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Microsoft Hesitates About Machine Learning Can Also Be Used By Hackers

Microsoft Hesitates About Machine Learning, Can Also Be Used By Hackers

Imagine if the exact computer you are using is “conscious” enough to determine that it is infected with malware on its own, without the use of antimalware software. That is…

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Mobile Browsers’ Google Safe Browsing Flaw In 2018 Revealed 1

Google’s Leaked Recordings Violates Data Security Policies

A report, based on the Belgium-based NWT VRT revealed that Google employees routinely listened to audio files recorded by Google Home Smart Home speaker, and Google Assistant smartphones. As per…

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New Hacking Technique Using Bluetooth Exposed

New Hacking Technique Using Bluetooth Exposed

Bluetooth makes it easy to transfer files, photos, and documents to devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops in a short distance. This wireless communication protocol was developed in…

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