Android Antimalware Apps You Can Install Today

6 Ways to Beat Hackers from Invading Your Phone

Technological advancement has seen smartphones become a crucial part of our lives. There are radical changes that have taken place in the mobile phone industry. What can be done with…

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After hacking data theft European Central Bank closes its website

How To Mend The Damage Caused To The Site By A Hacker?

Are you aware of the fact that, on average, 30,000 new websites get hacked daily? Yes, this is true, and the second thing that is going to shock you is…

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Open EDR
iphone 410311 640

Know How to Remote Control iPhone without Jailbreak

Do you know how many iPhone users are there around the globe? It’s nearly 728 million! Yes, this is true, and there is no doubt that it has many fans…

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vpn services

5 Signs You Have a Bad VPN

How do you choose a VPN? What is the basic criterion? Price? Coverage? Quality? What to consider choosing the best VPN and how to find out it is the right…

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Google’s Advanced Protection Program For Cloud Services Released As Beta

Fraud alert: Google temporarily suspends publishing Chrome Web Store extension

Google recently confirmed that all Chrome Web Store advertising plugins have been temporarily suspended. The suspension is triggered by a substantial increase in the number of paying extensions involved in…

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Kent County Community Mental Health Hit By Phishing Attack

Special Olympics New York Hacked to Send Phishing Emails

New York Special Olympics has been compromised, a non-profit organization focusing on competitive athletes with mental handicaps. New York Special Olympics presents equal opportunity to participate in Competitive, organized sports…

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Crypto Market Awaits More Hacking Attacks In The Coming Days

Visa Warns About Hackers Stealing Gas Pumps Credit Card Data

Payment processing company Visa reported that attackers at gas pumps intercept credit card data from point-of-sale networks, which are becoming increasingly attractive targets for such cybercrime organizations due to their…

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likely technology trends 2018

Micro Fixes Vulnerability in an Anti-Threat Toolkit

Trend Micro recently patched its Anti-Threat Toolkit (ATTK) for a high-grade remote software execution vulnerability. The Trend Micro ATTK tool lets users scan their system and perform clean rootkit, ransomware,…

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Hacker Compromised JavaScript Library to Steal Bitcoin funds

Hackers Can Hijack Trump Email server campaign: Researchers

The official website of the US effort President Donald Trump revealed data, according to security experts, that may have allowed hackers to intercept emails and to send emails on behalf…

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Dark Web’s Illegal Remote Desktop Account Market Grows McAfee 1

South Korean Administration Arrested Feds Shut Down The largest Dark Web Child Abuse Site

Today the Department of Justice of the United States said that they had arrested hundreds of criminals during a global attack after downgrading the largest known children’s porn site in…

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