Russian Hackers Reportedly Use Kaspersky Software to Steal U.S Cyber Secrets from NSA

Reports say that Russian hackers used Kaspersky antivirus software to steal sensitive data from the U.S National Security Agency. The data breach happened after an NSA contractor reportedly put highly classified…

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Russian Hackers Exploits Google Flaw To Attack Journalists

Reports say that a team of Russian hackers has been exploiting a Google flaw to launch attacks on investigative journalists. This security flaw in a Google service was reportedly known…

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Open EDR

DHS Informs 21 US States Targeted By Hackers

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has contacted and informed the 21 US states that had had their election systems targeted by Russian threat actors in 2016. The DHS…

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500,000 Pacemakers Recalled by the US FDA Owing to Hacking Risks

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has recalled almost half a million pacemakers following fears pertaining to hacking. They fear that laxity in cybersecurity could lead to these pacemakers…

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PlayStation Social Accounts Hacked

Were the Sony PlayStation Social Accounts Really Hacked?

A hacking group calling itself as “OurMine” has claimed that it has hacked into Sony PlayStation network and its Facebook and Twitter accounts. It had hacked PlayStation social accounts and…

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Game of Thrones

Hackers Email and Say They’d Release The Game Of Thrones Finale Early

For HBO there seems to be no end to their hacking woes; it just seems to go on and on… It was just about a week ago that the cable…

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Hacking Security

Exploit the hackers’ logic to Security application systems

To defend a hacker, it’s smart to mimic the way the black hat does. Implementing hackers’ logic on your security applications would be well read to defend virtual zombie. So…

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Hacking : Explained

Hacking is a process to interrupt the normal functioning of the systems connected to a network. The person involved in the process of hacking is called the hacker. The term…

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HTTPS Phishing Websites

HTTPS Phishing Websites on the Rise. Here’s what you Need to Know.

A recent spike has been seen in HTTPS phishing websites that use Domain Validated SSL certificates to help hackers pilfer users’ personal data. A Discussion of the trend and potential…

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ethical hackers

India should utilize its ethical hacker resource

India has an army of ethical hackers who protect the global organization and foreign technical companies from malicious attacks. The ethical hackers from the country are ranked in the bug…

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