Network Security

7 Basic Firewall Fundamentals People Need To Know 1

7 Basic Firewall Fundamentals People Need To Know

Firewall is a basic security blanket in corporate security, it used to be huge appliances that go between the ISP’s modem and the enterprise’s main network switch. Filtering traffic, preventing…

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Discussing Different Aspects of Next Level Network Security

Discussing Different Aspects of Next-Level Network Security

Cybersecurity, as an industry, is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. As cybercriminals come up with all kinds of new approaches to target and breach computer networks, it’s becoming…

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Open EDR
7 Steps For Proper Patch Management Process 1

7 Steps For Proper Patch Management Process

Patch Management Process At the wake of the Intel’s Microarchitectural Data Sampling flaws (MDS), data centers that depend on Intel microprocessors have their system administrators are hard at work in…

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How to Secure DNS Servers from hacker attacks

DNS Servers | How to Secure DNS Servers from hacker attacks?

Hackers often tend to target DNS software, aiming to cause security breaches. Let’s discuss how to secure DNS servers using some very effective methods. Here we go… Using a DNS…

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Points To Consider Before Selecting a Secure Web Gateway 1

Points To Consider Before Selecting a Secure Web Gateway

Information technology has undergone a major transformation in recent years. Today, infrastructure, applications, and data – almost everything – are moving to the cloud. Whether it’s the public or private…

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ITIL Service Operation Processes A Brief Introduction 1

ITIL Service Operation Processes: A Brief Introduction

The ITIL Service Operation (SO), which is one of the five core publications that form part of the ITIL Service Management Lifecycle under ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Framework, provides…

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Fraudulently Acquired IPv4 Address Revoked by ARIN

Fraudulently Acquired IPv4 Addresses Revoked by ARIN

The US Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd. (ARIN) won a legal case, against multi-year program designed to deceive the Internet community by approximately 735,000 IPv4 addresses. John Curran, President, and…

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What is DNS Security Why is it Important

What is DNS Security? Why is it Important?

DNS, like Border Gateway protocol, Network Time Protocol etc, is one of the utility protocols that keep the Internet up and running. Hence securing such protocols is important, but it’s…

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Difference BetweenFirewall VPN and the Antivirus Software

Difference Between VPN, Firewall and the Antivirus Software

People often get confused with difference between VPN, firewall and antiviruses; they seem to be always wondering which of these security solutions they should use to ensure maximum security. Well,…

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Artificial Intelligence Makes its Way to Front line Security

Artificial Intelligence Makes its Way to Front-line Security

As a long-promised feature of the digital age, artificial intelligence is finally making real strides into many aspects of mainstream security. From personal computing systems to vast online casino networks,…

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