Your employees can also be the reason for data breach

employees data breach

When all the tasks are digitalized it becomes important to protect the digital content from the cyber-attacks and threats. While the cyber threats root from the external source, there are also possibilities for the threats to arise from the trained and trusted employees.

A report was also released regarding the internal threat where 74 percent of the companies consider vulnerable to the insider threat while 56 percent of the cyber security experts suggest that the insider threat has been increasing over the years.

Reason behind the insider breach

The attacks caused by the trained and trusted employees can be based on various factors like negligence, human error, failure to follow the proper procedure, or eve due to professional grudges.

Negligence or carelessness

We have often come across the warnings that pop up on the window screen but ignore it. This is because of the lack of the technical knowledge. An example for this kind of negligence is the breach of the healthcare system of St. Joseph that became visible online due to the misconfiguration in the security settings. And being a sensitive record the company had to face many lawsuits leading the company to pay back millions of dollars to the victims.

Human error

This is the most common factor in the case of the insider threat. Even the innocent employees can make errors that damage the system like any other malicious hacker. There were cases in which a simple human error has caused data breach like letting out phone numbers, addresses and other sensitive information.

Malicious actions

Similar to the human error, the malicious actions caused by the professional working in the organization can also lead to data breach. Because of disgruntling and sneaky activities of the employees, many companies have faced lawsuits and legal discomforts.
Due to the miscalculation, misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the organization’s procedures and security policies by the employees the companies have faced business damages and have lost the goodwill and reputation among the consumers.

Tips to limit insider threat

Analyzing and monitoring

The behavior of the employee regarding the computer usability should be closely monitored so that the company can easily be aware of the unusual activities and identify the risk. Some of the organizations that allow the employees to carry their own device should monitor the devices to prevent from malicious attacks.

Employee awareness

The first and foremost thing that has to be done by the organization is to educate its employees about the impact of their action and ways to avoid the inadvertent of the data loss. The organization must ensure that all the employees undergo proper training.

Tougher approach

As the insider threat is rising, the employers should ensure the safety of the business by following tougher approach regarding the employees causing the data breach.

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