Cybersecurity Disaster Of 2017

National Cyber Security Awareness 2024: Ensuring Your Gadgets And Individual Information

The current climate of internet security is getting worse, and is a never ending issue anytime of the year. Seeing as how it’s National Cyber Security Awareness month, this article…

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Hostinger Resets User Passwords after data breach

Sonic Drive-In Suffers Massive Data Breach Impacted Millions

A massive data breach at the Sonic Drive-In fast-food chain could reportedly have affected millions of customers, compromising sensitive personal data like credit and debit card details. It was Brian…

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Open EDR

Things That Cybersecurity Experts Should Never Do

Cybersecurity is a very sensitive area, one small mistake and it could lead to grave consequences and big losses. Thus it needs to be pointed out that the cybersecurity professional’s…

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Cyber Criminal

Cyber Criminal Who Laundered £3bn in Cryptocurrency Arrested

A cyber criminal, a Russian national, who is suspected of being the mastermind behind a cryptocurrency exchange has been arrested and indicted by a grand jury in California, on money…

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Massive Data Breach

Swedish Government Faces Damage from Massive Data Breach

The Swedish government now has to face and investigate damage from a massive data breach, a real IT catastrophe. The Swedish authorities have discovered a massive mistake that has happened…

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Cyber Security 1

Cyber Security Policy: To Impose or Not to Impose?

Educate teenagers about the ill-effects of drugs and chances are they might refrain from doing them. On the other hand, ‘order them’ not to do drugs, and chances are they…

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Cyber Experts

Indian Cyber Experts Raise Alarm Over Third Party GST Apps

Cyber experts in India warned against downloading third party GST apps, applications designed to assist in calculating the newly implemented Goods and Services Tax. A report was published on Business…

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employees data breach

Your employees can also be the reason for data breach

When all the tasks are digitalized it becomes important to protect the digital content from the cyber-attacks and threats. While the cyber threats root from the external source, there are…

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NHS Cyber Attack

NHS Cyber Attack Issued By Someone Fluent In Mandarin

A recent cyber-attack that crippled some of the world’s most critical computer networks might have originated in China. The ransomware attack infects a user’s computer via a malicious email—similar to…

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ETF Cyber Attack

Online Security ETF surged by a wave of Cyber Attack

There was attack this weekend and it lead to gaining on speculation on Monday. Companies such as FireEye Inc. provides services for software security. The estimation was made that this…

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