Essential Cybersecurity Tools for Business Organizations

Essential Cybersecurity Tools for Business Organizations 2

Businesses today have become the prime target of cyberattacks of all kinds. This is because cybercriminals understand that targeting a business could get them huge amounts of data, both corporate data and sensitive personal data of customers. In recent times, large enterprises all across the world have been targeted by cybercriminals. Such attacks have resulted in the theft of financial and personal information belonging to millions of customers.

The cost of dealing with cyberattacks too is rising and in today’s context, a cyberattack could prove devastating for smaller businesses. There are lots of business organizations, especially the smaller ones, that get so crippled by cyberattacks that they are forced to close down within a few months of the attack.

Another aspect of the damage inflicted by cyberattacks is the damage caused to the reputation of any business, big or small. The trust that customers bestow upon a company, the overall credibility in the market and brand reputation are factors that contribute towards the success of any business. Cyberattacks impact all these in a great way and hence, it’s important that businesses need to protect their networks and infrastructure from all kinds of cyberattacks. For this, they need different kinds of tools, which would help them boost their defenses and protect their business assets and reputation. Investing in acquiring and deploying such tools is always a wise decision. Given the fact that the costs of cyberattacks that companies have to bear today are increasing, it would only be wise to have what all cybersecurity tools that are needed and try to prevent cyberattacks as much as possible.

Here’s a look at some of the best cybersecurity tools that are available in the market today…

XpoLog for Log Analysis

Log analysis tools help businesses in analyzing the logs that computers and other digital devices connected to their networks record. Most systems and devices log almost all computing processes happening within them and hence analyzing logs to study the patterns and trends could help in identifying and preventing security breaches or malware infections. Manual analysis is often difficult as log files offer dumps of data stored in plain text format. This is where log analysis tools come in. XpoLog is a highly useful tool that many businesses use today for conducting log analysis. Log files from all sources- endpoints, applications, servers etc- are collected and analyzed using AI (Artificial Intelligence). If any alarming patterns are seen, alerts are sent to the administrators, who could immediately take action so as to prevent damages to the business network and the possibilities of cyberattacks.

Riskified for Fraud Detection

Whenever there is an online transaction taking place, there is a chance of online fraud as well. Hackers who have already laid hands on personal or financial data could use the same to manipulate banking networks or e-commerce channels and thus do online frauds, which could cause big losses to businesses. Security tools like Riskified help prevent such online frauds that happen during online transactions; this is done using machine learning to analyze transactions and allow processing of legitimate orders/transactions only. The dynamic checkout feature of this tool automatically adjusts the checking process based on an individual user’s risk profile, thereby providing the user with different options to verify their purchases.

HoxHunt for Protection from Phishing Scams

Most cyberattacks start with a phishing scam that would provide cybercriminals with an opportunity to breach networks and compromise business infrastructures. The hackers use phishing emails either to steal credentials or to install malware that could later help them breach data. The best defense against this is undoubtedly is to stay alert and informed on the individual level. At the same time, there are tools that give protection against phishing scams. One such tool is HoxHunt, which works by teaching users how to identify malicious or phishing emails or messages. The tool uses an AI-driven engine to personalize phishing attacks and thus copies how real-world attacks look like. Once the attacks are identified, users can report them using a special plugin; they also get feedback on their performance.

Imperva for Application and Data Protection

Key network resources like web applications and databases are often targeted by hackers. They try to access such resources and hence it’s important to protect them using WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) and data protection services. Imperva is one tool that has a WAF and aids in DDoS attack mitigation as well. In today’s context, when businesses depend on on-premise devices as well as on cloud components, a tool like Imperva could help greatly. Imperva’s WAF checks all traffic and transactions and prevents malicious traffic from entering the network or impacting the cloud components. All unauthorized access to applications or databases is blocked.

Metasploit for Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is integral to ensuring cybersecurity for any business organization. As we know penetration testing tools simulate cyberattacks and check for security vulnerabilities and issues. Metasploit is an open source tool that helps IT administrators perform penetration testing on business networks. Metasploit can be configured to scan networks for exploits and then go on with deploying a payload to systems that have security vulnerabilities in them. The penetration testing framework, which works on Windows, Linus and Mac OSs, comes with some evasion tools that could circumvent existing security protocols and then look for security issues, which could be fixed before a real cyberattack happens.

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