Magecart The Card Skimming Group and Its Many Faces

Tips to enhance your career in cybersecurity

Introduction: Cybersecurity is a fast-growing industry that attracts ambitious people who want to make the world a better place. Professionals operating in this field are in more demand than ever…

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5 Ways Cyber Security Is Changing In 2024

Introduction Security whilst online has been paramount for many years and with the ever-advancing technology available to us, cybersecurity is constantly evolving. Whilst the internet is an invaluable resource for…

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Open EDR
Cybersecurity Protection Needs To Reach The Next Level

How Can Automation, AI, and ML Improve Cybersecurity?

When it comes to strengthening the current cybersecurity practices employed in organizations today, one of the most significant steps that security teams can take is to amalgamate modern technologies into…

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Memory Forensics The Key to Better Cybersecurity

How to Ensure Data-Centric Cybersecurity?

In the current cybersecurity landscape, the threats facing enterprises have evolved; and now highlight a growing level of sophistication in the methods employed by cybercriminals- as is often made evident…

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Everyday Mistakes In A Firm That Promotes IT Risks

What is the Future of Cybersecurity?

We all know of the exponential growth of cybercrimes. The question now is, how do we stay ahead of a possible data breach? Some experts in the commercial real estate…

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What Is Advanced Threat Protection

What Is Advanced Threat Protection?

Advanced Threat Protection, or ATP, is a type of security solution specifically designed to defend a network or system from sophisticated hacking or malware attacks that target sensitive data. ATP…

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What is the COBIT and why you need to know about it

What is the COBIT and why you need to know about it

Business processes today are largely dictated by the technology around them. Cloud computing, big data, and social media are just a few technologies that shape and affect a business as…

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Defining and Understanding User and Entity Behavior Analytics UEBA

Defining and Understanding User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

User and Entity Behavior Analytics, or UEBA for short, provides you with a comprehensive solution for IT security while helping find and detect any user or anomaly that might be…

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A Guide to Cyber Security Salary

A Guide to Cyber Security Salary

In 2020, it is expected that the cyber security market will be around $170 billion. The Burning Glass Technologies Research provides data from 2015, which shows that the cyber security…

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Why Is a Data Classification Policy Absolutely Important

Why Is a Data Classification Policy Absolutely Important?

Today, data is a valuable commodity. Without it, company executives cannot make well-informed decisions, marketers won’t understand their market’s behavior, and people will have a hard time finding each other…

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