Fundamentals Of Making A Hacker Out Of You

Fundamentals Of Making A Hacker Out Of You

There is no academic background necessary to become a hacker, given that even the most popular hackers in our history, like Kevin Mitnick, were actually self-trained. However, anyone who wishes to be one needs to be familiar with everything related to computers and other computing devices such as smartphones, a good grasp of the English language is also an advantage, given that many programming languages were established with English as the base language used.

To become a hacker, it’s not enough to have knowledge on only one field. Enthusiasm is the key since self-training is a tough choice to teach oneself of the discipline as well as the relevant understanding of political and economic movements. To gain effective knowledge, you need to go to a university with an IT department, study in a specialized school to learn the basics of personal computers or sign-up for online tutorials to teach you the basics.

Are there qualifications necessary for hackers?
There is no qualification required to become a hacker, but we need to be clear here. Blackhat hacking is a crime in many jurisdictions, infiltrating a network or a remote computer without permission from the owners or administrators is no different from entering someone’s physical property without consent. The bottom line, like learning a sport or two, practice for becoming a hacker = try actually hacking. The other option is to become a white-hat hacker, which means you become part of a team that hacks systems “legally” as part of a penetration testing mission.

If you are starting from scratch, where should you start?
The best shortcut is to learn computers beyond the GUI. To use a more advanced operating system Linux, while also to improving your proficiency of XHTML and C. If you learn hacking on your own, you have to go through many difficult paths, it is rather difficult but fulfilling if used productively and lawfully. This is no different from learning to play a musical instrument on your own with some written references as your guides.

First, let’s talk about the GUI.

The screen you are staring at right now is an example of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). On the other hand, a screen with only text on a computer screen which often seen in sci-fi movies and dramas is called CLI (Command Line Interface).

Skills to handle Linux, which is an OS that is used frequently for programming, system administration and network administration are essential.

Also, there are many languages ​​required to become a hacker, from web page creation perspective to the language used for database management.

・ Python
・ C language

An example of a path to becoming a white-hat hacker:
White hackers are recruited by both general companies and government officials. Become a white hacker = become an IT professional with the task of keeping the network and computer systems secure by introducing simulated hacks against the very system of your employer. In the case of a typical size company, it is the job that holds responsibility for general-purpose cybersecurity.

It has a much broader scope of work than general-purpose white hackers but plays a very important role in society. If you are aiming for hackers from inexperience, you should first aim for employment at a general company, learning the ropes of their internal IT team. An interest with networking, network protocol management and decompiling a program are huge assets.

Making you a hacker in just one article is impossible to do, all we can say is continue reading our articles here at can give you more insights at the world of cybersecurity today. A real white hat hacker is always updated of every important change and update about our real world, as it intertwined with computing, networking, the Internet and its contents.

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