Honeywell Introduces Operational Technology Cybersecurity Service to Facilitate Monitoring and Response, and Boost Safety

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Honeywell is a massive organization in the American industrial market, and an industrial cybersecurity world leader. The organization has introduced an advanced cybersecurity monitoring and occurrence response service.

This service is specially designed to help industrial institutions enhance operational safety online. Target organizations are set to enjoy round-the-clock operational technology cybersecurity exposure and swift response for prevailing and developing cyber threats with this service.

Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response (AMIR) service is part of the organization’s Forge-based security services offering. AMIR will enable security personnel to identify and counter attacks directed at OT (operational technology) networks and industrial management systems, also known as ICS (Industrial control systems).

About AMIR

Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response is a scalable, easy to implement, and cost-friendly cybersecurity service. It comes in handy to assist operational or information technology security teams who often struggle to keep a tab on the advancing evolution of modern-day cyberattacks on OT and ICS networks. Often, budget constraints and lack of skill expose industrial organizations to undue cyber threats.

AMIR falls under the Honeywell MSS (Forge Managed Security Services), an end-to-end SECaaS (security as a service solution) designed to safeguard control systems, operational technology, and operations networks. Some of the third-party internal solutions and managed security services providers in the market today often depend either on:

  • Information technology (IT) operational security hubs with no operational technology domain expertise and knowledge in various industrial assets and protocols.
  • Basic monitoring which hardly incorporates an aggressive approach to protecting crucial OT operations and assets.

According to Honeywell, AMIR will monitor operational technology environments endlessly to guarantee the early detection of malicious. The service is designed to collect and evaluate data from a wide range of sources. Further, it informs operators of any discovered potential threats before massive damages can happen.

Honeywell says international organizations in various parts of the globe have already implemented the Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response service.Jeff Zindel, Honeywell Connected Enterprise Cybersecurity’s general manager, and vice-president says:

“Honeywell’s Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response solution provides a combination of advanced cybersecurity software, experts, and playbooks with remediation guidance to better detect, prevent, analyze, evaluate and coordinate the response to cybersecurity threats occurring within OT environments. Staffed by cybersecurity experts with specific OT experience, AMIR offers a tremendous resource to complement any existing IT/OT cybersecurity program and help ease the burden of cybersecurity challenges.”

How does AMIR Operate?

AMIR audits operational technology environments continuously by looking out for peculiar behavior. Such behavior includes new and familiar cybersecurity threats. AMIR leverages proprietary technologies to collect, compare, evaluate, and prioritize log data and security issues from various sources.

AMIR offers a comprehensive approach to help reduce cyber vulnerability and promote cybersecurity compliance. The Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response offering is already operational in many sites across the globe.

About Honeywell

Honeywell is one of the Fortune 100 technology companies. It is designed to deliver targeted industry solutions such as aerospace services and products, performance machinery, and industry and building regulation technologies globally. Honeywell technologies facilitate better connections for workers, manufacturing plants, buildings, and supply chains.  Such conveniences make the world more sustainable, innovative, and safe while enhancing cybersecurity maturity for companies.

Why is Honeywell Unique?

Honeywell experts study your industry to recommend and deliver user-based cybersecurity solutions that meet your distinct needs. Professionals at the giant organization are qualified and boast a well of experience in various sectors. These include the gas, oil, pulp, and paper sectors.

For decades, Honeywell has collaborated with a wide range of businesses. More than 200 cybersecurity professionals are working at the organization, all of whom have excellent threat research skills. They will walk with you to ensure you sail through the ever-changing cybersecurity industry.

Honeywell Professionals are Innovative

Cyber threats are growing every day with the numerous advancements in connectivity and technology. Experts in the industry opine that this trend will continue, and organizations need to adopt scalable solutions. The Honeywell cybersecurity software is scalable and designed to simplify user security. It also protects systems continuously.


Honeywell hopes to offer round-the-clock resources globally to secure your business.


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