How To Remove Ransomware From Android Phone Easily?


For many people, ransomware is a hack attack on computer devices, not mobile phones. This is far from the truth. Thus everyone needs to know how to remove ransomware from Android phones.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system. Android phones are used by a large number of people across the world. This means that hackers have a large field of prey unlike when targeting businesses.

Therefore, anyone with an Android phone should be aware of the risk they are at once their phones are infiltrated by ransomware.

How Do You Know That You Need To Remove Ransomware From Your Android Phones?

Before you start removing ransomware from your android phone, you need to first establish that your phone is infected with ransomware.

Hackers aren’t silent about their successes. Once your android device is successfully infiltrated, they will let you know. This will happen through their incessant demands that you pay to get access to your device.

When you have ransomware on your android device, you can’t access any of the apps installed in the device. This is similar to how ransomware attacks also occur in computer devices and networks.

Once you have established that you have ransomware in your android device, it is now time to remove the ransomware.

How To Remove Ransomware From Your Android Phone?

Mobile Device Antivirus or AntiMalware Tools

Similar to how we remove malware from computers, you can use an antimalware tool. Use this tool to scan your entire Android phone system. Once it finds the malware in your device, it will purge it from your system.

You will then receive a detailed report on the process. The report will also indicate any vulnerabilities in the system that may have let in the malware.

Take heed of this report and implement its recommendation to protect your device from further malware infiltration.

Manually Remove Ransomware From Android Phone

If, like many Android phone users you have not installed antivirus or antimalware tools on your device, you can remove the malware manually.

First, you will need to restart your phone in safe mode. Different Android phones have different ways in which this method takes place. Find out how to do it on your device. Once you have the right method, your screen will show that your phone is starting in safe mode.

When your device is in safe mode, third-party apps are not running. This may or may not include the malware depending on how it is developed.

Once your phone is running on safe mode, you can now check your installed apps. You can do this by going to Settings then to Apps. On the list of apps installed in your phone, look for apps that you don’t remember installing.

When you find an app that looks suspicious, uninstall it from your phone. Depending on how you use your phone, you may have a long list of apps to go through. Make sure to get all the apps in the device and remove all that are suspicious or don’t use as often.

After you are through with the uninstallation process, head to your phone security settings. Here, look for apps under the device administrators section. If you find any apps that are suspicious in this section, deny them the rights to be administrators on your phone and also uninstall them. They may have let the malware in.

Once you have finished removing the malware from your android phone manually, you can now restart it. Your phone will be clear of the malware depending on its type. Malware that only locks the phone screen can be deleted in this method.

The Malware May Remove Itself

Another way to remove malware from your Android phone is to hope that it removes itself. Most times, hackers don’t want their malware applications reverse-engineered by security experts. Therefore, they will not expose their malware viruses for long, to prevent this from happening.

Thus, if your Android phone is infected by malware, you can give it some time and hope that the hackers will willingly let go of your phone.

However, this rarely happens. You may need to use any of the above methods to make sure that the malware is completely eliminated.


As an android phone user, always know that you are at risk of malware infiltration. Find ways to prevent this and also to remove malware from your android phone easily. Also, once you have removed the malware, find out how you can restore any of your information that is lost with malware.


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