Huawei Roots for Cloud Computing to Ensure Data Protection

Huawei Roots for Cloud Computing

Huawei seems to be rooting for cloud computing as a strong measure to ensure better data protection, for governments as well as corporations. A senior Huawei executive made this observation via a commentary published by People, Kenya’s daily newspaper.

This statement made by Gao Wenli, Deputy CEO, Marketing and Solutions, Huawei, is notable in the light of the hacking threats and hacking attacks that have been taking place in recent times. Gao Wenli has pointed out that cloud computing has broken a new ground in the information age. It has enabled all kinds of organizations store and access all kinds of data with greater speed and efficiency.

Xinhuanet, in a detailed report, has published the observations made by Gao Wenli. The report says- “”Cloud computing is the technology of the future and government departments such as ministry of lands that rely on multiple documents such as reference materials, legal documents and customer data to deliver their services can benefit from such technology,” Gao said…He added that even though cloud computing is not completely immune to cyber attacks; it provides a safer and a more convenient platform for governments and private firms to store data…”Using cloud based solutions is a more viable alternative compared to traditional methods in terms of security,” said Gao, adding that organizations should invest in upgraded cyber defenses as hacking by sophisticated criminal networks escalate.”

Xinhuanet takes special note of the fact that a critical mass of government departments and corporations on the global level are yet to adopt cloud computing despite the multiple benefits that it provides.

Gao Wenli has the opinion that it’s basically because of ignorance as regards the benefits of cloud computing plus the inability on the part of organizations to upgrade their obsolete IT infrastructure that impedes the uptake of cloud computing. He points out that Huawei has invested in supportive infrastructure plus the necessary technical expertise that’s needed to facilitate better and faster integration of cloud computing in the key operations of governments and organizations. Huawei has been offering cloud solutions which have been tailor made to suit the needs of corporate clients, as per Gao. He adds that in addition to ensuring better data storage and data protection, cloud computing also contributes to better efficiency in all areas of an organization’s day-to-day operations.

It’s to be noted that Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of Kenya had, during his trip to China in May, signed an agreement with Huawei for collaboration on building a Government cloud infrastructure in the East African Nation.


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