IBM’s Managed Services To Skyrocket Using Commvault Technology

IBM’s Engaging Managed Services Enhanced by Commvault Technology

The data management solutions provider, Commvault, has publicly announced a partnership with the technology giant, IBM, in providing a more compelling, unified platform for both on-site and cloud infrastructure covering storage, backup, indexing, and migration. The relationship will broaden the coverage of the current IBM Business Resilience Platform and help them further compete with their expanding competitor, Amazon.

Using a common interface of the IBM Business Resilience Services, Commvault technology will allow healthcare businesses to better secure their storage solutions that are critical to the well-being of the industry and their patients. This includes private data, such as medical images health records.

The more cloud storage becomes increasingly available and affordable, brought about by increased competition, the more IBM has realized a partnership with Commvault’s data protection technologies is the way to go—especially as stronger security with storage infrastructure is needed to accommodate growing data. Healthcare information cannot be treated in the same manner as ordinary data, as HIPAA compliance is a must. Such strict government requirements are made more challenging by the growth of malware, ransomware, and other threats.

This partnership—and Commvault’s assistive technology—will be vital to future IBM compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The goal is to reduce difficulty with rolling-out and maintenance of storage platform for the diverse enterprise requirements.

Daniel Witteveen, VP of IBM Global Portfolio explains, “The enterprise finds itself in an era where clients are seeking more simplicity and agility in their data backup and recovery solutions to help enable their digital transformation. Seamless integration of IBM and Commvault solutions for on-site or offsite data backup will help deliver a more simplified business continuity model and reduce operational risks and costs for customers.”

Through a highly integrated Commvault functionality inside the IBM Business Resiliency Services system, their customers will experience a more streamlined cybersecurity-hardened platform. Coverage of support for the diverse system used by client systems has been expanded to include: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, IBM DB2, and Oracle. The list covers many types of applications like databases, endpoints, and applications.

Commvault also enables all forms of integration, even with competing technologies. These are known platforms that can work with the new IBM/Commvault system like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, alongside the regular IBM Cloud that IBM offers to clients before the partnership was established.

The IBM and Commvault partnership is anchored with full compliance of privacy under GDPR law. Reducing online risk for clients, while still providing them with the capability they need to access and use their data, sits at the heart of the partnership.


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