Introducing Project Fuschia, Google’s Exciting New OS

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Project Fuschia, the new OS from Google. For more than two years a group of the engineers within Google was silently working on this software which will eventually replace Android. As the project progressed, they will have to chalk out methods to convince themselves how to put Fuschia in place of Android, which as of today is used by three-quarters of the world population.

Android had a certain limitation and Fushchia was developed from scratch, keeping this in mind. The OS is designed for better voice integration with the latest security updates, and be the same across all the devices. Artificial Intelligence service is the next step for Google to reach the consumer at all places. Sundar Pichai is heading the company in that direction and going to make this as their prime operating system, and may need the help of those thousand of hardware partners.

One could have sensed what is going behind the curtains in Google when Google started posting code to its repository, but there was no information what Google was up to.

The whole idea is to make Fuschia a single unifying operating system that will be able to run on all devices, thus replacing Android, Chrome as well as powering Google smart hardware. The deadline looks realistic note, as Google wants to finish this within 3 years, and then move on to other devices like phone, laptops, etc., so they are trying to finish this in 5-years.

The whole idea of Fushchia looks interesting and this will give Google a second chance to come up with an OS that is secure and enables cross-platform integration. Security is also something that is on the priority in Fuchsia, and this will give an edge over Apple’s tight iOS.

But before we jump the guns about Google’s massive overhaul with the new OS Fuschia, remember that Sundar Pichai, CEO Google has not released any statement on Fuschia. Only Google’s spokesperson has commented in the statement that “Fuchsia is one of many experimental open source projects at Google. We’re not providing additional details about the project at this time.


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