Keep Your Data Safe, Get A Glimpse Of Basic WordPress Security Issues

Benefits and Best Practices of Adaptive Security

Are you aware of the fact that WordPress’s market share is nearly 35% of all the websites across the globe? In addition to this, about 75,000,000 sites are running on this software. Yes, it is a vast number, and now you can make an estimate about the responsibilities on WordPress, to keep every site safe. It is one of the most used software in the market; it is decidedly more comfortable for hackers to break the sites made with it. Even a single liability can cause colossal damage.

Therefore one must learn about WordPress security issues to avoid any such problem. The goal of the hackers is visible, which is using the site maliciously. Hence, you must gather the ways to keep your website away from their sight. 

Undoubtedly there are several possibilities of the hack, but you should focus on how to make your site secure. The best way to get the solution is by analyzing the problem first. Therefore here are some of the very primary and essential WordPress security issues that you must jot down.

Common WordPress Security Issues To Determine

Brute Force Attacks

One of the usual ways that a hacker can adopt to enter your site is by trying the WordPress brute force attacks. Yes, it is a technique to break the security of your website. In this method, the hacker attempts to enter random usernames and password combinations until the right one hits it. The hacker inserts combinations repeatedly until a correct combination is exposed. Hence, it is one of the easiest yet old ways to have control over your login page of the site.

You might wonder that there are certain limits of entering the combinations for login. But, here is one big loophole that WordPress, unfortunately, does not login attempts. Therefore it paves a path for the attackers to exploit your site by brute force method.

Furthermore, one more thing that you must learn here is that even if the hacker fails to enter your site by brute force attack, it still harms your website. Yes, if one will keep on inserting the combinations, ultimately, your site becomes slower. There are chances that some hosts might hang up your account.


Be it a large scale or a small business, everyone needs to be careful from these fundamental WordPress security issues. One more problem that you can face with the safety of your website made with WordPress it Malware. Yes, it is a kind of malicious software that is there to get unauthorized entree to a website. The motive behind this illegal activity is to breach the sensitive data from the site.

If your site gets hacked, then there are chances that someone has injected Malware into the files and folder. The best way to find this out is bb determining any changes to the data. In case you spot Malware on your site, take a look at lately reformed files.

However, there are many Malware out there, but you do not need to panic. You can relax because WordPress is not vulnerable to all of them. Few of the malware infections that you must note down and have to keep away are:

  • Malicious redirects
  • Drive-by downloads
  • Pharma hacks
  • Backdoors

These were some of the infections that can harm your site. Further, you can also conveniently identify these Malware’s, and then clean up from your site’s files. You can eradicate them manually, and later install a new version of WordPress.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

If you are still unaware of the evil that is causing 84% of all safety vulnerabilities on the entire internet, then you must learn that it is the Cross-Site Scripting or XSS attacks. Yes, it is real and unfortunate that the WordPress plugins face this vulnerability the most. It is a type of attack in which the hacker injects malicious scripts on the site.

The primary mechanism of Cross-Site Scripting starts form the hacker finding a way to get a victim to loads pages on the web that is insecure and malicious. These unsafe pages are the javascript scripts. Moreover, these scripts start to load very cleverly without the knowledge of the user. 

Such kind of attacks execution takes place to execute WordPress security breach.

SQL Injections

SQL Injection happens when a hacker gets access to your database. Yes, your WordPress website requires a MySQL database to operate. So, if a hacker finds a way out to get into it, you are at risk. 

Further, with the use of SQL injection, a hacker can make a new admin-level user account by merely doing WordPress signup. It can give full access to your website. On top of it, these hackers can inject a new file to your database, which can disguise your users, which enhances the WordPress security risks.


These were some of the WordPress security issues that you need to understand if you want to tackle the hacks.


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