Know How to Remote Control iPhone without Jailbreak

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Do you know how many iPhone users are there around the globe? It’s nearly 728 million! Yes, this is true, and there is no doubt that it has many fans across the world. The meticulous features of the iPhone make it a device, which everyone dreams of using. But, despite being one of the desired smartphones, the iPhone lacks few specifications. It does not allow specific permission, such as remote control iPhone without Jailbreak.

Yes, it’s one of the significant problems, and to overcome this, many users eventually use the jailbreak method. Even though this method is wrong and can pose a threat to the security of the user, many people consider this.

But, if you are among the ones who do not want to go with the Jailbreak option, you have ways to solve your problem. Yes, there are several ways in which you can remote control your iPhone without Jailbreak.

What is iOS Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a process of changing the software settings of the iPhone, which restricts the user from doing certain things. Some people feel that the limitations imposed by Apple are stopping them from accessing their smartphones as the way they want. Therefore they adopt the method of Jailbreak to have full control of their devices.

The primary restriction in iPhones is that one can only download applications from the Apple Store and from nowhere else. But, after Jailbreak, one can download software from any random app store or site. Further, several other features are enabled after Jailbreak.

How to Remote Control iPhone without Jailbreak?

There are several applications that you can try out to remote control the iPhone without Jailbreak. Here are some ways which you can consider without worrying.


iPhone remote control is now safer and much accessible through a reliable application called ‘AirServer.’ It is among the vastly used advanced mirroring receiver for Mac. Yes, this is one of the ways, which can help you out without Jailbreak. Here are the brief steps to use AirServer.

  • Go to, and on the bottom left of your screen, click on the download for a free box. Then, sign up for free trial.
  • Please fill all the information asked for verification, such as e-mail, and then confirm it.
  • After confirming the e-mail, you will get activation codes, which you need to copy and save on a notepad.
  • Then select the setup option according to your computer device and download it after download opens your set up.
  • Click on setup and always remember to check if all the things you require are there. Then proceed further and insert the activation code you received from free registration.
  • Begin with the application, and in case it asks for activation, copy-paste the codes once again.
  • Now swipe up your iPhone and you will see the AirServer application. At last select mirroring, to see your iPhone screen on your PC, and you are done with your work.

ISL Light

Are you looking to enjoy the remote view of the iPhone? If yes, then ISL Light is one of the fantastic web-based remote desktop solutions that will enable you to remote control the iPhone without Jailbreak. It allows high-speed mirroring to users with advanced security measures. Here you can take a glance at how to use this to remote control your iPhone.

  • Open the ISL App on your desktop and click start to commence a session
  • On the other hand, open the app on the iPhone and connect to the existing session
  • To build a connection, share the session code
  • After this, you can now conveniently access the iPhone from your PC
  • Now you can also access the live screenshots from your computer, and you can also conduct chat with iPhone’s user remotely.


Undoubtedly iPhone has qualities that are distinct from other smartphones, and there are a few restrictions as well. But one must never try ways such as Jailbreak that can harm the security.

These simple ways are available, which you can use to remote control the iPhone without Jailbreak. Further, you can also try techniques such as Mobile Gateways by Eggplant, and VMware AirWatch. Both of these ways are also very easy to use, and you can reap benefits out of it without crossing the line of security of your iPhone.


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