Learn Five Easy Steps To Fix Joomla Hack

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When we talk about the second most popular Current Management System (CMS), then Joomla is there. It enables the user to do website publishing conveniently, and it is user-friendly. Although Joomla is one of the most used systems to build sites, there are still chances of a hack. If you are not keeping a check on updating its plugins, then soon you can face such a problem. Therefore you must learn several things related to fix Joomla hack.

You have to learn the fact that a new update comes with some more advanced security tools, which are useful in preventing the hacks. So, if you will keep on using the old version, there are chances that a black hat hacker might get access to your website. Hackers are just like mosquitoes who modifies their skills to get into the system, and only new security tools, which only comes with update can keep them away!

But, in case your website gets hacked, then here are some vital steps, which you can follow and can get from this problem. Here you can learn how to fix Joomla hack.

What Are Signs That A Website Has Been Hacked?

Before you fix Joomla hack, you must have to analyze if your site is hacked or not? Further, you can proceed with the solutions.

  •       Your website is redirecting to spam
  •       Your admin account keeps on logging you out
  •       The bulky and slow loading speed of page
  •       Google check a website for ‘malware’ and ‘phishing’ and then blacklist it
  •       There are undesirable and malicious ads popping up with spam 

Jump Into The Fix Joomla Hack And Malware Removal Process  

If you come across some common indicators like abnormal browser behavior, modified files, and Blacklist warnings by Google and other search engines, then you need to get it fixed soon. Below is the process, which can help you in such a situation!

Fix Joomla hack

The very first step that you should opt for is to clean the full website, on gaining information about potential malware location. Furthermore, it is also very vital to determine if there are any changes in the files. For this, you can make a comparison between the infected files with the previous files saved as backup. It will help you, and you can then remove the malicious files.

By using a database admin panel, like PHPMyAdmin or Adminer, clean the hacked Joomla database. Moving forward, you have to secure all your accounts because many smart hackers intentionally leave backdoors to reaccess your website. That is why you should carefully cleanse the infected files that have the chance to work as a backdoor.

  1. Database Cleanup

The Joomla SQL injection can make new database users; therefore, the first work is to start cleaning infected files. Once you detect the rogue users, immediately delete them using SQL statement Drop user. You can also do the sanitization of the user input, and also prohibit the database permissions to the account. 

  1. Safeguarding the Server

There are always chances of faulty servers to cause damage, even if the installation process is secure. There are many vital points to remember regarding Joomla security, but here are some of the most vital:

  •       Make sure to remove the unused subdomains
  •       Routine check-up of configuration issues
  •       Ensure to close the open ports
  •       Always block the messages that can leak the information
  1. Setting Authorizations

Firstly make sure that no one can executable like .php .aspx etc. Only allow us to upload the images on the server. After this, you can jump forward towards setting the permission for the server. 

Here, you have to ensure that you are using the famed file extensions. Here, you do not have to worry because you can easily get extensions, as Joomla is a pretty bog CMS. It is one of the vital steps to fix Joomla hack because they get updated fast. 

  1. Check Changed Files in Joomla

Usually, the hackers make changes to your original files and add malicious files to it. They inject infected files that help them to get more access over the website. It can cause a problem for you during installation. In such cases, you need to do a fresh installation, and for that, you must have a backup. 

You can use various handy commands to check the modifications done to your files, and that helps to fix Joomla hack.

  1. Check The User Logs

The best way to figure out the root cause of Joomla hack is through the System logs. These help to record all the activities that took place earlier. There is always a recoding request, whenever a SQL Injection or XSS takes place. Not just this, these hackers also try to create new admin accounts. You can follow these vital steps to check any suspicious users:

  •       Start by logging in your Joomla Dashboard.
  •       Next, click Users and pick Manage.
  •       Here you can check for distrustful users who recently registered.
  •       Further, continue to remove the unknown user.
  •       Ensure to check the last date of the user
  •       Seek out for the location where the server logs are stored.
  •       Remove the unknown IPs, if any.


So these were the vital steps to fix Joomla hack. Also, remember the ways to determine if your website is hacked or not!


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