Six Best Password Managers for Online Protection in 2024

Six Best Password Manager for Online Protection in 2019

We at HackerCombat have always been emphasizing on the importance of passwords and password management in cybersecurity. At a time when even individual users have and manage many login ids and passwords, it’s undoubtedly a herculean task for organizations to manage the large number of passwords they have at their disposal. (Remember, it’s never ever advisable to have same passwords for different accounts/services, from the security point of view!) The best thing that organizations can do, as regards handling passwords, is to use a decent password manager.

We seek to put together a list of the six best password managers that can be used for online protection in 2024. Here we go-

Keeper, from Keeper Security Inc.

The password manager offered by Keeper Security Inc., which suits Windows, Linux and Mac is ideal for business enterprises and other organizations and can also be used by individuals or family groups. Keeper password manager used two-factor authentication plus secure file storage, which ensures comprehensive protection of your information. The other notable features include version history (ability to restore previous versions of users’ records), emergency access for five different contacts to access a subscriber’s passwords, custom fields to keep personal records (driving license numbers, passport data etc) in the app etc. Utmost flexibility is offered as regards data storage.

LastPass Password Manager

The LastPass password manager, which is for Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome, offers some remarkable features including two-factor authentication, free credit monitoring, an auto-fill feature to streamline users’ shopping, multiple identities etc. Once the user sets up a master password, LastPass enables importing of all saved login credentials from Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari. Once this is done, the user needs to remember only the master password and all the rest is taken care of. A notable advantage of using LastPass password manager is that it stores encrypted information on its cloud servers and hence users can access the passwords from computers other than their personal PCs as well. They can even share the data with others in their family group or organization, enabling them to access the credentials from the cloud. There’s also a password generator that helps create unique passwords. The premium version comes with additional authentication options, data syncing with mobile devices, excellent tech support etc. Use LastPass for its excellent interface and notable features.

Sticky Password, from the AVG Antivirus team

Sticky Password is a password manager that’s ideal for Windows, iOS, Android and Apple, and is created by the team behind the AVG antivirus. It supports lots of browsers, especially on the desktop and offers secure cloud-encrypted syncing options between devices and also offers, in addition to the conventional sign-in options, Face ID as well as fingerprint sign-ins. It’s easy and simple and has a free version plus a premium version with extra cloud features. It comes with AES-256 encryption and strong password generation capabilities.


1Password, which is a good password manager for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Chrome OS, has notable features like reliable username-password storage with secure sharing, strong password generator, digital wallet (for saving logins, card data, network passwords etc), intuitive and easy user interface etc. 1Password, which is developed by AgileBits Inc., has as its highlight a built-in “watchtower” service that notifies users of ongoing website breaches. The password manager allows, in addition to local syncing of data, the syncing of information between computers via iCloud, Dropbox etc. There is no free-version for 1Password, which can also be used as browser extensions, integrated with desktop web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

LogMeOnce Password Manager

One of the best password managers for Mac OS X, LogMeOnce also syncs passwords across Windows, iOS and Android. The notable features offered include two-factor authentication, securing passwords with military-grade AES-256 encryption and the very remarkable Mugshot feature, which takes a photograph of an intruder when there is a hack and also tracks locations in case the device is stolen.

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane password manager, which is ideal for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android, has some notable features. It is secured with two-factor authentication and offers users the ability to change multiple passwords for multiple websites with just a few clicks. The user can encrypt (with AES-256 encryption) and store passwords either locally or automatically sync them across different devices. Dashlane’s automatic password changer helps change accounts’ passwords without the user having to deal with it personally. Though there is a free version for individual users, businesses need to go for a paid one, which comes with an annual fee.

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