Coinbase suspended Ethereum Classic

Coinbase suspended Ethereum Classic (ETC) after attacks worth $1.1 Million, a mainstream cryptocurrency exchange, disclosed an abnormal 12 double spend in the Ethereum Classic, which prompted them to halt the transaction of ETC blockchain. These 15 reorganizations in aggregate…

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The Impact of Cryptocurrency Attacks on Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Impact of Cryptocurrency Attacks on Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have recently emerged to popularity are backed by the security of its founding technology — Blockchain. However, cybercriminals are having a picnic when it comes…

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Open EDR
Blockchain Technology the Final Solution to Secure IoT

Blockchain Technology, the Final Solution to Secure IoT?

Blockchain technology has received mixed reviews from the public, as both the driving force behind the rise of cryptocurrency and the increasing risks of countries having higher levels of money…

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cyber attack

Blockchain Technology to Protect E-commerce business data

As we know how Equifax is still under the impact of the massive cybersecurity breach on its computers, and as it reels under this breach, lest not forget this attack…

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