Apple released patches to address vulnerabilities in the High Sierra

U.S. Warns Against Russian Cyber Threats Amid Heightened Ukraine Tension

Different government agencies based in the United States have joined together in issuing cybersecurity advisory. The advisory was a summation of cyber activities that were connected to Russia in one…

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Northern Ireland Identified As The Top Hacking Part of the UK

With Black Friday hours away, and according to a new report that shone the spotlight on the most at-risk areas of the work, UK tops as the hacking favorite for…

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Open EDR
Virtual Patching vs Unpatched Vulnerabilities Unleashed by Trend Micro

Trend Micros Launches Virtual Patching Vs. Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Trend Micro is introducing a new update on how its software implements automatic updates, they dubbed it “Virtual Patching”. It is designed as a short-term stop-gap measure of preventing security…

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These 5 Easy Malware Policies Can Improve School Security

Despite the importance of school security, computers on educational campuses are considered to have the weakest level of overall cybersecurity. In the case of public schools, corporations, social do-gooders, and…

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Malware Volume Records Big Surge in the First Half of 2018 Report

Why Experts Now Say 2018 Is Drowning In Malware

According to a recent report, malware attacks have continued to accelerate in the first half of 2018, accompanied by dangerous ransomware which is back in full force. The 2018 SonicWall…

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South Africa to Witness Increase in Crypto currency Mining Attacks

South Africa to Witness Increase in Crypto-currency Mining Attacks

Crypto-currency mining attacks are expected to increase in South Africa; the main factors that would contribute to this rise would be the financial gains plus the increased amount of anonymity…

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Russian Hackers Targetting Ukranian Companies

The Surprising Ways Russians Are Targeting Ukraine With Malware

Russian hackers are at it again, reportedly now infecting companies in Ukraine with “back door” malware that can help them execute a coordinated cyberattack, somewhere along the lines of those…

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Protect Your Twitter Account from Hackers

Secure Your Twitter Account and Protect it From Being Hacked

After the Facebook data scandal, people have turned very cautious as regards protecting their personal data online. Twitter, it should be remembered, was also named as one of the companies…

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domain name security protection cyber threats better ranking prospects

Domain Name Security-CyberThreats Protection And Better Ranking

Thinking of buying a domain name- a new one or a used one? Well, when you think of registering a new domain or buying a used one, there are certain…

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Sophisticated Cyber attacks

Financial and Public Services Fear Sophisticated Cyber Attacks in 2018

We, at HackerCombat, are positive-minded and optimistic on the main. We believe that as cyber security experts we can keep fighting all those cyber threats and attacks that keep happening….

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