Trend Micros Launches Virtual Patching Vs. Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Virtual Patching vs Unpatched Vulnerabilities Unleashed by Trend Micro

Trend Micro is introducing a new update on how its software implements automatic updates, they dubbed it “Virtual Patching”. It is designed as a short-term stop-gap measure of preventing security issues while waiting for an official security patch from the vendor of the affected software.

Nilesh Jain, VP-SEA of Trend Micro said: “Advanced cyberattacks including ransomware such as SamSam, WannaCry, Petya, Locky etc., have made customers aware of the importance of security more than ever. Patching is critical for defending against attacks that exploit security flaws and when organizations can’t patch directly, using a virtual patch can help mitigate the risk. Virtual Patching, the unique feature of Trend Micro Deep Security, is advanced in shielding from vulnerabilities without leading to do emergency patching and safeguarding of networks and endpoints from threats.”

He also emphasizes the need for the more vulnerable industries, like the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector to invest with their cyberdefenses more aggressively. “The ease of use, proactive protection and scanning the vulnerabilities are biggest USPs and hence BFSI, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations from various sectors are deploying Deep Security Virtual Patching solutions from Trend Micro,” Jain emphasized.

Aside from consumer desktops and laptops, Trend Micro’s biggest portfolio is in the enterprise, where they develop high precision endpoint protection software for the virtual, physical and cloud-based servers of all sizes. Virtual Patching will also be available to VMWare customers, due to the tight partnership of the virtual machine company with Trend Micro. The latter also released the high-performance virtual appliance for corporate VMWare customers, with built-in VMware vShield APIs.

One of Trend Micro’s credible clients, the LIC Mutual Fund of India has this to say about Virtual Patching: “With ever-growing security risks and a complex IT environment, it was very important to find a flexible, customizable, easy-to-manage solution suitable for our business. Partnering with Trend Micro led to a harmonious collaboration that helped us combat the challenges of securing and protecting our data and network from potential security risks and cyber threats,” concluded Prashant Thakkar, CEO of LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management. India’s mainstream asset management firm installed Trend Micro’s Virtual Patching technology, it carefully secured their network and data centers from external attacks.

Trend Micro implements an industry-leading anti vulnerabilities methodology which prevents protected devices from being exposed to unpatched security issues. Its scalability is second to none for servers of any size and capacity, perfect for any SME and large enterprise installations.

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