Cryptocurrency Mining Operations on University Networks

You Need to Know About The Bitcoin Double-Spending Exploit Against Tether Exchange

Tether, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange with trading code “USDT” has been discovered to have a nasty loophole enabling a “double-spend” exploit. In cryptocurrency language, this happens when a certain number of…

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WannaCry Biggest Test of the Year Says UK’s National Cyber Security Centre

Reports of Fake WannaCry Ransomware Are On The Rise

According to the U.K.’s national reporting center, ransomware is one of the most dangerous forms of cybercrime known today. A warning has been issued to the public about the rise…

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Open EDR
Is it Possible to Spy Facebook Messenger

6 Tips To Help You Secure Your Facebook Account

In case you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the past few months, you need to secure your social media sites! Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat—they are all paving the way for…

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Dangerous Android Malware That Can Record All Your Activities

The Scary Ways Your Android Is Using Malware Right Now

Malware isn’t just for computers anymore, which is why Android security should be taken just as seriously as any other cybersecurity issue, say industry experts. In light of their current…

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Understanding Business Intelligence and Data Security 1

Should Corporate Executives Be Responsible for Security?

Amit Yoran, the current CEO of the cyber exposure company called Tenable Network Security, has recently revealed that corporate executives are regularly downplaying the digital security threats they are facing….

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Hacks to know about Mobile Encryption

Why The Smartphone Is An Unpopular Housekey

Our mobile phones can do a lot of smart things, like wake us with alarms, help us navigate with GPS, and even facetime while making a bank transaction. And as…

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FireEye And Gigamon Strike A High-Tech Alliance

FireEye and Gigamon, two cybersecurity organizations, have shaped a new strategy to enhance product effectiveness for customers while still providing them with what they need to stay protected in today’s digital…

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Musings on Mobile Security

Musings on Mobile Security

Mobile devices are handy, mobile devices help you scale heights in the digital world and mobile devices make lots of things convenient for you. We could even say that mobile…

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Upcoming Trends in the World of Cybersecurity

Upcoming Trends in the World of Cybersecurity

With things changing rampantly in the world of cybercrime, things are evolving fast for cybersecurity as well. Cyber-criminals are evolving into being clever and more innovative. Moreover, cyber attacks now…

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No Data Compromised in Rhode Island Malware Incident

No Data Breached in Rhode Island Malware Incident

In the Rhode Island malware incident, which affected several hundreds of systems, no data has been compromised as per recent reports; reports also say that the malware attack had impacted…

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