Las Vegas Memphis and Charlotte Americas Most Cyber Insecure Cities

Three American Cities named as Most Cyber Vulnerable Cities

Las Vegas, Memphis and Charlotte are the most cyber insecure cities in America, as per a study report released recently. The report, titled ‘Cybersecurity in the City: Ranking America’s Most…

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An Embattled Kaspersky is Moving its Office from Russia to Zurich

An Embattled Kaspersky is Moving its Office from Russia to Zurich

Kaspersky is battling against the allegations that it has connections to the Russian government and that dealing with their software means risking security.  The cybersecurity firm decided to move some of its…

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Open EDR
Blockchain Technology Can Secure Financial Industry From Cyber Risk

Blockchain Technology Can Secure Financial Industry From Cyber Risk

Exploring the online world has become a nightmare in the course of the most recent cyber-attacks and, taking a gander at how serious and advanced a portion of the current…

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can believe distributed grid vulnerable cyber attack

The Different Phases of a Cyber Attack

As we begin to discuss the different phases of a cyber attack, let’s not forget that things are changing drastically as regards the cyber security industry. Hacks today are being…

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Fix Vulnerabilities in Cardiac Devices

Abbott Releases Firmware Upgrade to Fix Vulnerabilities

Abbott, the leading manufacturer of medical devices, releases a firmware upgrade that would fix cyber security vulnerabilities in certain cardiac devices. Health Data Management reports- “Medical device manufacturer Abbott has…

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Secure Engineering

Secure Engineering: Why You Need a Dedicated Development Team

So you’ve got a great idea for an application or software, and you’ve secured all of the startup money that you need to fund. Now you need to find a…

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start cyber security going rough times

Start-up in Cyber Security Going Through Rough Times

Cyber attacks will be in news in the coming days as its going to keep the US cybersecurity on its toes. A lot of the companies are yet to keep up with…

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Cyber Secured Forum

Cybersecurity Summit Cyber:Secured Forum to be Held in June

A cybersecurity summit designed to connect leaders in cybersecurity trends, physical security, systems integration industries etc is set to launch this year in June… The summit, named Cyber:Secured Forum, will…

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Tallahassee Data Breach

A Data Breach That Could Have Affected Tallahassee Utility Customers

Latest news is that a data breach that has happened to an outside vendor, a company that served as a payment processor, could have affected lots of utility customers in…

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Cyber Security

New Year and New Measures for Cybersecurity

Time for resolution as the New Year approaches, whether we plan for fitness to lose weight or spend quality time with friends and family. Nevertheless, one in ten people manage…

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