New Google Chrome Zero Day Vulnerability Detect

New Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Detected

A new Google Chrome zero-day vulnerability, which is being actively exploited in the wild, has been detected. Clement Lecigne, a security researcher who is part of Google’s Threat Analysis Group,…

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Google’s New Chrome Extension Seeks to Secure Accounts 1

Google’s New Chrome Extension Seeks to Secure Accounts

Google has come up with a new Chrome extension that seeks to secure users’ accounts. The new Google Chrome extension, called Password Checkup, warns users if their login credentials have…

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Open EDR
How to Fix Chrome’s ‘ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR’

Quick Guide on How to Fix Chrome’s ‘err_ssl_protocol_error’

err_ssl_protocol_error’ – If you use Google Chrome to access the internet, you’ve probably seen the error “This site can’t provide a secure connection” or the ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR notice…

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Hacking Group Uses Chrome Extension Targets Academic Sector 1

Hacking Group Uses Chrome Extension, Targets Academic Sector

A hacking group, suspected to be from North Korea, uses a Google Chrome extension to target victims in the academic sector. ZDNet reports, “In what appears to be a first…

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Malware That Accompanies Google Chrome Download Detected

Malware That Accompanies Google Chrome Download Detected

Are you downloading Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge? If so, beware! You could get infected by malware and spyware. Yes, new Windows 10 users who download Google Chrome through Microsoft…

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Chrome 69’s Sync Controversy Unacceptable as per World Renowned Cryptographer

Chrome 69’s Sync Controversy, Unacceptable as per World Renowned Cryptographer

Google is in the middle of a non-disclosure controversy with how Chrome 69 changed the behavior of the Chrome Sync feature. Prior to Chrome 69, logging-in to a Google account…

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The Death of Symantec’s Digital Certificate Business

The Death of Symantec’s Digital Certificate Business

Certificate Authentication is a serious business; it is a business entity that keeps the trust-based digital certificate system secure. The very foundation of the encryption standard in the web we…

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Chrome based Browsers Have Loopholes that Enable Hackers to Infiltrate Wifi Routers

Loopholes in Chrome enable Hackers Break Into WiFi Routers

Surecloud, a cybersecurity firm has released a report about a Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi and other Blink-engine based browsers’ unpatched flaw that enables cybercriminals to penetrate the home wifi…

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How to Secure Google Chrome from Hacking Attacks

Here’s How You Can Secure Your Google Chrome From Cyberattack

Google Chrome is definitely one of the most popular web browsers being used today—but could it also be one of the riskiest? Hackers, as we know, are perpetually after whatever…

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Hereafter All Non HTTPS Websites Not Secure Google Chrome

Google Chrome Warns It’s Now Time To Ban Websites With No Https

Google’s Chrome Browser is now labeling all non-https website as explicitly “not secure.” With the release of Chrome 68 yesterday, all http websites will now display the tag “not secure”…

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