Vulnerability Intel Processors

A Vulnerability in Kernel Slowing Down Intel Processors

Register first notices a significant vulnerability in all Intel processor chips. The major design flaw in Linux kernel patch is going to make a huge impact, and all operating systems…

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Cyber Security Predictions

The 5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2018

Looking at what happened in 2017, the Equifax breach, Ransomware WannaCry, Russian interference, phishing scams. Well, one has to be prepared for more in 2018. There will be bigger breaches,…

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Open EDR
Cyber Security

New Year and New Measures for Cybersecurity

Time for resolution as the New Year approaches, whether we plan for fitness to lose weight or spend quality time with friends and family. Nevertheless, one in ten people manage…

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cyber security

2018 cybersecurity trends and predictions

The year 2017 was quite exciting as we came across several new things from Ransomware to IoT malware and more. Several industries found themselves gripped at the mercy of the…

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Vulnerability in Intel Chip

Vulnerability in Intel Chip Puts Million of Devices at Risk

Intel the giant in chip making is in the news for all the wrong reason. It has been reported that the chip has vulnerabilities that will put millions of devices…

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phishing scam

PayPal Phishing Scam Coming From Official PayPal Email Address

PayPal phishing scams are becoming more and more sophisticated these days, with hackers devising newer ways of duping users. There are reports of a new and very sophisticated PayPal phishing…

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IoT Botnet

A New, Massive IoT Botnet Storm is Arriving…Be Prepared!

A new massive Botnet, or to be more particular, an IoT Botnet, is arriving and could prove to be nothing less than a disastrous cyber-storm which could affect the global…

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Tackle Vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things

There are a huge number of vulnerabilities within poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices which have been exploited in the numerous recent cyber attacks. The usage of IoT devices…

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Network Against IoT

Secure Your Network Against IoT Device Related Threats

IoT which stands for Internet of Things devices has added a whole new dimension to the ways in which networks can be targeted. IoT devices have tremendously increased the number…

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vulnerable attack

Another IoT botnet found waiting to attack vulnerable IP cameras

Researchers discovered yet another IoT botnet. Researchers at Trend Micro found that 120,000 Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are vulnerable to attack. IP cameras use the internet to transmit footage, and therefore are most…

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