Facebook 1

Facebook Removes Accounts That Spread Malware to Thousands of People

Researchers have discovered the Facebook account network, which uses Libyan themes and information to spread malware to tens of thousands of people over a five-year period. Links to Android and…

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Automated Malware Analysis in the Cloud 1

Automated Malware Analysis in the Cloud

Cybercriminals execute malware attacks using different attack vectors and using different methods. The number of malware strains is increasing in an unprecedented manner and hence malware analysis today is not…

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Open EDR
Firefox Send Set To Reform The File Transfer Service Market 2

Firefox Send Set To Reform The File Transfer Service Market

For decades, people are using email attachments in order to send files to their intended recipients. However, using emails as a channel of transferring files across long distances is not…

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Data breach

Almost A Thousand North Korean Defectors in South Korea, Victims Of Data Breach

North Koreans who defected to South Korea are trying to live their lives for the better after they left their original homes. Unfortunately, for at least 997 of them, leaving…

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Malicious Windows

Malicious Windows MSI Files Infect Linux Systems

Cyber security expert Nils Dagsson Moskopp has discovered a sophisticated vulnerability named “Bad Taste” that allows malicious Windows MSI Files to infect Linux systems. These malformed MSI files can be…

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WannaCry ransomware attacked

The New Malware that’s Even Scarier than WannaCry

Just weeks after the WannaCry ransomware attacked millions of computers worldwide, another similar malware has appeared. Named EternalRocks, this new strain of malware targets the same Windows vulnerability as Wannacry….

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