SingTel Via the Next Generation Cross Boundary Payment Scheme

SingTel Via, the Next Generation Cross-Boundary Payment Scheme

We are in the age of computing where ISPs are trying to expand their market in order to enter an industry where they can make more money while expanding the…

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4 Things To Do To Get Your Smartphone Compromised 1

4 Things To Do To Get Your Smartphone Compromised

Today’s smartphone is a marvel child of Science and Technology, that even the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell would kill to get his hands with one during his…

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Open EDR
Open AT Commands a Huge Loophole Exploit in Android Revealed

Open AT Commands: a Huge Loophole Exploit in Android Revealed

Google has tried to harden Android’s security for a decade now since its initial release 10 years ago. Features as disabled Unknown Sources by default and the Google Play Protect…

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Hacks to know about Mobile Encryption

Why The Smartphone Is An Unpopular Housekey

Our mobile phones can do a lot of smart things, like wake us with alarms, help us navigate with GPS, and even facetime while making a bank transaction. And as…

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Secret Hacking Group Using Android Malware to Spy on Thousands Research Findings

How Protect Your Android Device From The Mobile Banking Trojan

Over the years, technology has changed the way we do everything, from shopping to working to connecting with friends. For valuable services like banking, these innovations have already become a…

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Musings on Mobile Security

Musings on Mobile Security

Mobile devices are handy, mobile devices help you scale heights in the digital world and mobile devices make lots of things convenient for you. We could even say that mobile…

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Android Apps Security

A Single-Character Message That Can Crash Apple iPhone, iPad Or Mac

This is interesting news for those who follow developments as regards iPhone security, iPhone virus etc; a single character message that comes seeking you could crash your Apple iPhone or…

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Android is Now as Secure as iOS 1

Android is Now as Secure as iOS!

David Kleidermacher, Google’s head of security for Android, seems to be stating, without taking names, that Android is now as secure as iOS. Kleidermacher has made this statement in an…

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Tinder Vulnerability

Attackers Exploit Tinder Vulnerability Using Phone Number

A Tinder user’s phone number- that’s all that a hacker could need, to take over the account itself, as per recent reports on a newly detected Tinder vulnerability. Anyhow, it’s…

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Security App

Cisco introduces security app to prevent smartphone users

Cisco’s new iOS 11 will give comprehensive protection over network activity to prevent users getting attacked from Ransomware and malware. Cisco and Apple have come together to protect the iOS…

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