Fileless Ransomware The Next Big Threat For The US In The Waiting

Fileless Ransomware: The Next Big Threat For The US In The Waiting

According to a new Malwarebytes report, and the article cited in Tech Target Network, a new kind of ransomware, which will be completely fileless, called Sorebrect, is “one of the first…

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machines rise cyber attacks

Machines Rise Against Cyber Attacks

The technology must evolve to counter cyber attacks. We have seen how the complexity and sophistication is one step ahead when it comes to cyber criminals. The situation needs to…

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Open EDR
Ransomware Attacks

The New Ransomware Spider

Spider is the new ransomware that is targeting the victims located in the Balkans in what is called a “mid-scale” campaign. The Spider ransomware is unique in that attackers are…

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Getting your phone screen replaced

Tackling Android Malware and Securing Your Android Device

Android malware is a big reality now; it’s increasingly becoming a part of our day to day existence. With Android devices getting immensely popular, security threats to Android devices too…

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Security 2.0

The Security 2.0 Has Visibility As Key In Long-Term Protection

The conditions for cyber security threat are constantly changing. security-industry CEO has said that business leverage has improved visibility, machine learning and policy makers should carry out ‘Security 2.0’ frameworks…

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