Tinder Vulnerability

Attackers Exploit Tinder Vulnerability Using Phone Number

A Tinder user’s phone number- that’s all that a hacker could need, to take over the account itself, as per recent reports on a newly detected Tinder vulnerability. Anyhow, it’s…

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HackerCombat Guide on How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

HackerCombat Guide on How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are now very common; every one who uses the internet comes across phishing emails almost daily and it seems that most of us have now trained ourselves to…

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Open EDR
IoT Toys Security

IoT Toys Security: Ensuring Your Child’s Toys are Uncompromised

The internet is growing more prevalent in our lives by the day, and few things demonstrate that as aptly as the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the course of this…

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Software Vulnerabilities

2017 Saw Software Vulnerabilities Increase by 31 Percent

Reports say that there has been a 31 percent increase in the number of software vulnerabilities in 2017 compared to 2016 and also that one-third of these have public exploits…

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New Ransomware

New RaaS Sold On Hacking Forums Via Two Exploit Kits

There are reports of a recently-released kind of ransomware that’s being sold ‘as a service’ on hacking forums, distributed via two different exploit kits. The two exploits, named GandCrab and…

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likely technology trends 2018

The Likely Technology Trends in 2018

The Elon Musk’s giant solar battery in South Australia comes in as an exciting technology, and this was followed by the most awaited iPhone X. Now let’s see what we have…

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web site security marketers cautious

Web Site Security and Marketers Should be Cautious.

Edward Roberts, Director of Product Marketing at Distil Networks, says “Many marketers assume website security is not their problem. However, as the stewards of their organization’s external brand, marketers must understand how…

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tactics ransomware careful

The Tactics of Ransomware and How to be Careful

Ransomware got enough publicity in the recent times, and obviously, we know why. Many organizations literally got held up and as this wreaked havoc across the world. Experts say Ransomware…

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Data Security Breaches

Six Critical Mistakes That Could Lead to Data Security Breaches

There was a time, in a not so remote past, that data breaches would happen to certain selected companies and businesses alone, and wouldn’t in any way impact the layman….

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Tallahassee Data Breach

A Data Breach That Could Have Affected Tallahassee Utility Customers

Latest news is that a data breach that has happened to an outside vendor, a company that served as a payment processor, could have affected lots of utility customers in…

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