cyber security

2018 cybersecurity trends and predictions

The year 2017 was quite exciting as we came across several new things from Ransomware to IoT malware and more. Several industries found themselves gripped at the mercy of the…

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Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist Overview

Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist Overview

Penetration testing is the process of testing a software by trained security experts (aka penetration testers or ethical hackers) in order to find out its security vulnerabilities. The objective of…

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Open EDR
Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals to Exploit Vulnerabilities.

Cyber attacks continue to be the major nightmare for most of the business, and most of that is because of the vulnerabilities in the respective systems. Security experts believe that…

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Apple released patches to address vulnerabilities in the High Sierra.

Apple had to rush in to make a quick update on serious vulnerabilities in macOS. The vulnerability hole was so serious that it allowed anybody who has access to Mac…

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Vulnerability in Windows 10 Anti-Malware Tech

Over a years, Microsoft imparted support for a key malware mitigation technique that makes it tougher for dubious applications to anticipate which code will be running into particular target addresses….

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BI Data Security

Understanding Business Intelligence and Data Security

Business leaders across the world are enjoying reduced costs, and increased efficiency, which is helping them in a better decision process. The new era of business intelligence strategy has ushered,…

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DHS Informs 21 US States Targeted By Hackers

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has contacted and informed the 21 US states that had had their election systems targeted by Russian threat actors in 2016. The DHS…

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Hacking Security

Breaching Your Network Can Actually Prove Beneficial!

No, we are not asking you to invite hackers into your organization so that they can make some easy money! What we mean is that breaching your network can prove…

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Tackle Vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things

There are a huge number of vulnerabilities within poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices which have been exploited in the numerous recent cyber attacks. The usage of IoT devices…

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