How to Know If Someone Is Stealing your Wi Fi

How to Know If Someone Is Stealing your Wi-Fi

The Internet has come a long way since its inception not restricted to those elite researchers and university proprietary. Presently the Internet is there in everybody’s pockets with their cell…

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The WPA3 Future for the Healthcare Industry

How Will The WPA3 Technology Revolutionize Healthcare?

A big update with the wireless LAN technology is on the horizon. Fourteen long years in the making, WPA 3 promises to correct the vulnerabilities of its predecessor, WPA2. WPA3…

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Open EDR
WiFi security

WPA3 is here to stay to fix the past WiFi security

The Wi-Fi security protocol WPA2 has been with us for more than two decades. It has been a long association thinks Wi-Fi Alliance. The network and alliance network companies like…

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Fake security apps

Fake security apps stealing user data on Google Play Store

Nearly 35+ malicious apps in Android were found to be flouting security issues on Google Play store, and harvesting user data, and tracking location. A security company informed how the…

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