How to Know If Someone Is Stealing your Wi-Fi

How to Know If Someone Is Stealing your Wi Fi

The Internet has come a long way since its inception not restricted to those elite researchers and university proprietary. Presently the Internet is there in everybody’s pockets with their cell phones and an immense number of homes, workplaces, and even coffee shops, airports, rail station, you have Internet everywhere. With the spurt in the quantity of Wi-Fi routers throughout the years, it is especially feasible for another person to use your Wi-Fi if it is not properly secured. Here we talk about how to identify that somebody is piggybacking your Wi-Fi, like if somebody is using your connection without your knowledge. Here is how you should secure it.

Slow internet connection

Are you experiencing a slow Wi-Fi connection? Has the speed of the Internet dropped down considerably? While there are different reasons behind a slow connection, just like a server issue, a huge concrete wall in between can slow down the signals, if that is not the case then it is likewise conceivable that somebody has joined and shared your connection.

Spot the gate crasher through the list of connected gadgets 

Every device that is or will be associated with your private system accompanies an exceptional IP and MAC address (they may have an arbitrary name like ‘ABC’s PC’ as named by the proprietor) and can be found in the list of connected devices through the switch settings. Thus, in the event that you locate some unfamiliar name on your system that you don’t recognize, in most probability, is the intruder! Regardless of whether you don’t see a name, you can even now discover who the gate crasher is by checking the quantity of connected device and discover the one that you don’t recognize.

Here are some ways to secure your Wi-Fi network:

1.    Use a long and complex WPA2 password

WPA2 is an encryption convention and stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. WPA2 is new and more secure than more seasoned protocols like WPA, WEP and so on. As a user, you simply need to set up WPA2 security on the router and ensure it with a strong password. Obviously, to make a long and complex password can be a tedious thing, but ensure you can remember and recollect and which can’t be speculated.

2.    Change the login information of the router

Most of the Wi-Fi routers come with two IP addresses: or and they can be accessed from any browser. Most routers come with a term ’root’ and ‘administrator’ as login and password word and once signed in, you go to the router settings. Since signing in is easy considering the secret key is so common, anybody can get into your router settings. To keep this, change the router’s login details from an option that is other than ‘admin’.

3.    Hide the SSID of the router

A more powerful way to secure the system is to hide the SSID of the switch. This guarantees it doesn’t appear just as a connectable system. You’ll need to enter the address physically.

4.    Using monitoring software

There is some software that you can use, which will alert you when somebody tries to connect with your Wi-Fi, search the Google to get the name of such software.


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