The Business World Needs A Cybersecurity Defense Strategy

The Business World Needs A Cybersecurity Defense Strategy

Tenable, a cyber exposure firm, has recently released their Cyber Defender Strategies report with unexpected results. Of the 2,100 organizations assessed in the study, only 5% has consistently practice persistent and comprehensive vulnerability assessment in their systems and network installations. A plurality of the sample @43% has considerable SOP and policies in place to secure their corporate cyber facilities.

The ultimate objective – regardless of which style most closely aligns to your own – is to always keep evolving toward a higher level of maturity. We know it isn’t easy. Cybersecurity professionals are hauling a lot of historical baggage. You’re dealing with legacy technology and dependencies alongside the complexities of managing a growing portfolio of continuously evolving and emerging technologies. Meanwhile, the threat environment has escalated noticeably over the past few years. And all of this is happening against a backdrop of competitive business pressures,” the report emphasized.

Tenable made their measurement using their “Cyber Exposure Lifecycle” methodology, where they categorize companies cyber defense strategy into four:

Minimalist: Low Maturity

Surveying: Low to medium maturity

Investigative: Medium to high maturity

Diligent: High Maturity

The cybersecurity firm has advised companies never maintain the minimalist stance, as it is just reactionary when it comes to cybersecurity defense. This can be done by educating the company employees and higher investment with cyber defense technologies that adds a layer of security for the network.

It is unfortunate that the report shows that the majority of firms have not realized the importance of cyber defense spending in order to prevent any future security breach.

If you’re a later adopter, it means you have more work to do to catch up. It also means you can learn from the mistakes and experiences of early adopters. Rather than having your organization serve as a testing bed for untried, novel and immature solutions, you’ll benefit from the availability of tried-and-tested offerings. There’s also an existing pool of expertise you can tap into, rather than trying to develop your strategies from scratch. Skipping the experimentation phase, you are poised to jump right into optimization and innovation. And, if you identify with the most mature vulnerability assessment strategies highlighted here, it doesn’t mean you can take a lengthy sabbatical. Even the most sophisticated defenders know their work is never done,” the report concluded.


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