How Crucial Are MSP(s) In Today’s Business World?

What is a Managed Service Provider

The words MSP(s) crops up everywhere on the internet. And the rate at which computerization is changing businesses across the globe, it’s well worth making a note of what this abbreviation means and how acquiring the services of MSP(s) can improve your business, by ironing out issues which may arise if your business employs computers to carry out its activities.

MSP(s)? What Do They Do?

MSP stands for Managed Service Providers. People who assist businesses – employing computers to carry out their day to day activities – by ensuring their computers are running smoothly without any issues. Usually employed by small and medium-sized businesses, they play the role a dedicated IT staff would play in larger organizations. The only difference is that MSP(s) do it remotely – without being present in the customer site and demand a price for their services.

Some Tasks MSP(s) Usually Perform

MSP(s) handle a wide range of operational tasks related to computers right from servicing them when they break down to regularly patching them with various security updates. Additionally, they also can carry out tasks like payroll management, contract management, vendor management etc., which may be outsourced to them by various businesses.

The MSP Business Model

MSP(s) usually operate using two different business models: break/fix and managed contracts. Break/fix, as the name suggests, is where MSP(s) charge their customers whenever a computer breaks down, for servicing/fixing them and also for the time spent on the device. Whereas managed contract is where MSP(s) would work for a ‘fixed monthly sum’ and would not levy any additional charges for servicing because it’s already a part of the contract.

Some Benefits of Employing MSP(s)

Businesses employing Managed Service Providers no doubt can increase their productivity greatly as they’ll be able to focus more on their business by letting MSP(s) take care of their computer (and network) related issues. Some added benefits include:

Cost Savings: Businesses can save a lot of money and avoid unexpected expenditure by contracting with MSP(s) and paying them a fixed sum of money on a subscription basis.

Quick Issue Fixing: With MSP(s), you’ll have experienced bunch of IT staff with good expertise backing you up 24/7. This will ensure quick issue fixing and reduced risks and liabilities.

Problem MSP(s) Are Facing:

Cloud computing is posing new challenges to MSP(s) as more and more customer IT infrastructure components are migrating to the cloud. Now they have to find ways to manage hybrid cloud environments as well. Therefore, these days, MSP(s) are also seeking to provide their own cloud services or resell other cloud provider capabilities.

Final Words:

Employing MSP is a good way of improving your business as this allows you to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, allowing you to focus on your core business, instead of being bogged down by administrative work and other such mundane day-to-day activities. Simply put, MSP(s) can act as an extension of your team, provide great value, and help your business succeed.

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