Why Google Put A Halt On The Chrome And OS Updates?

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Whenever you come across a problem, Google it! Yes, this is what the 310 million people believe in when they want to get solutions for any difficulty they come across. Chrome is one of the highly admired browsers, or we can say a cross-platform web-browser, released back into 2008 for Microsoft Windows. Furthermore, it is also a crucial component of the OS, as it caters as a platform for the Google Chrome app for the web.

But have you heard the halt on the updates of Google Chrome and OS? If no, then you must stick here to know everything related to the new releases.

All You Should Know About The Chrome And OS Updates 2024

Since everyone is working remotely in this surrounding of a pandemic, Google chooses to put a halt on Chrome updates. It has agreed that no new features will get added to the web browser, both the Chrome and Chrome OS. The step is taken to ensure that the software keeps on working smoothly without any laxity.

Furthermore, across Twitter, the Chrome development team also tweeted that it will hold any upcoming Chrome and OS releases. It says that because of the adjusted work schedules, they are pausing the upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases. The purpose of this decision is to make sure that it remains stable, secure, and reliable for users to do their work. 

Due to the adjusted work schedules, Google halted any further updates. The company confirmed that they would look into the security updates; however, that will get fused into version 80. It is the browser’s present firm release version.

So if you had been waiting for any new updates in Chrome, do not expect it! Furthermore, the Chrome 81 version is presently going through the beta testing, and the chances are there that it will remain in the channel for now. Due to the epidemic, it is unclear to tell when correctly Google will resume the updates for Chrome and OS.

Further, you might find Google chrome sign in a little bit slower, and android app reviews will now also take longer because of the reduced in-office staffing levels. The same you will encounter while using YouTube. Keeping the staff safe from any negligence, YouTube will now rely majorly on its AI algorithms to moderate content. Not just this, you might also come across such more updates from Google due to the COVID-19.

Why Halting Chrome Updates?

Although a new release often furnishes the users with beneficial new features, sometimes, they can also host new bugs into the software. It can be threatening for the security of users, especially when everyone is working online, anyone can think of breaching the confidential information. Therefore, Google decided to halt Chrome and OS Updates until the situation permits. 

For instance, someone was working from home and was incompetent to use Chrome to do their work, due to the bug in the update, there would be chaos online. Further, to ensure that no such thing happens, it was vital to put Google update on a halt.

What Are the Updates In Chrome 80?


  1. Browser Updates

Popups Are Not Allowed On Page Unload

In chrome 80, popups and synchronous XHR will not be allowed on page unload, which in result improves the page load time and makes code paths more straightforward and reliable.

Controllable Data Types In Chrome Sync

Chrome users can enable or disable each type of data that is synchronized in the advanced data by going to chrome sync settings. Chrome 80 will also give features to control the data type to be synced using Sync Types List Disabled policy.

Control Check Of User Payment Methods

With the Payment Method Query Enabled policy, Chrome allows the user to control if websites are trying to check their payment methods. Check on payment methods gives extra security to the user and tries to minimize online fraud.

User Can Group Tabs

Chrome 80 will give the users a feature to organize their tabs in the tab strip by grouping them. The user can name and color the tab group for easy recognition; it will enhance the workflow of the use.

  1. Chrome OS Updates

Auto-Rotate Function for the Tablet with Connected External Inputs

When you connect a mouse to a device in the tablet mode, autorotation will stay enabled. In portrait mode too, the user can pair a mouse with a tablet without manually rotating your screen.

Chromebook Enterprise Enrollment New Notification

With the update of chrome 80, the user no longer needs to press Ctrl+Alt+E for starting the device enrollment process. Toward the end of the onboarding process, the user will see a welcome page where they can begin enrolling.

Policy To Show PIN Pad For Tablets

To make the sign-in process more manageable for the user on the chrome OS touchscreen device, You can have an option to show the PIN pad on the sign-in and lock screen by default. Users still have the opportunity to go to a virtual keyboard in case of an alphanumeric password.


Keeping the smooth working of the Chrome and OS users across the globe, Google comes to this decision of halting the updates. For now, no one knows when Google will release its new version.


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