Why Is Cloud Encryption Really Important?

Why Is Cloud Encryption Really Important

When Salesforce.com launched in 1999, it became the gateway of the cloud computing platform to the public. Today, cloud computing, known as “the cloud,” is one of the most used technologies around the world. Applications like Netflix, Amazon web service, and even Facebook all use the cloud. But the cloud’s popularity has made it a hot target for cyberattacks, which is why it’s important for businesses to have cloud encryption in place.

What Is Cloud Encryption?

Cloud encryption is a cybersecurity tool that encrypts data as it is sent to the cloud for storage. There are different forms of cloud encryption offered by many cloud-platform service providers. By using cloud security encryption, sensitive data can remain safe in cloud storage even if the cloud platform is compromised by hackers.

What Is Cloud Encryption? – Kinds of Cloud Computing Encryption

Cloud security encryption comes in various forms, depending on the cloud provider. Because cloud encryption uses more processing power than just sending data through the cloud, not all service providers can offer a high level of cloud computing encryption. Here are various forms of cloud computing encryption:

Encrypted cloud connection is a kind of cloud encryption where the cloud computing connection is secured through encryption; it’s similar to how VPNs encrypt your data through the VPN tunnel.

Cloud computing encryption of sensitive data is a kind of cloud security encryption where the cloud service provider only encrypts data known to be sensitive. This limits the amount of data being encrypted before being stored in the cloud. This method costs less bandwidth and processing power.

End-to-end encryption is one of the highest levels of cloud security encryption. In end-to-end encryption, the data is encrypted offline before being sent into the cloud for storage. Because the encryption is done offline, only authorized people have the decryption key, and even if the cloud service provider is compromised, the data remains safe.

What Is Cloud Encryption? — Why Proper Key Management Is Important

Cloud encryption works the same way as offline encryption. There are keys used for encryption and decryption of the data. But the main difference is who is managing the encryption and decryption keys.

When cloud service providers offer cloud security encryption, most of the time, they manage the keys instead of the client. This poses a vulnerability when the provider is compromised and hackers gain access to their key storage.

When picking a cloud service provider, companies should take note of the cloud security encryption method and encryption key management before applying for their services. Companies should also take note of how much security they need for the files they plan to transfer to the cloud.

Keeping decryption keys offline is a good key management practice, as well as frequent key auditing and setting up two-factor verification.


Cloud computing technology has opened doors to high-volume storage. Companies, whether big or small, have utilized it for their day-to-day operations and data storage needs. But even the cloud is not fully hack-proof. Secure your data in the cloud now by using cloud encryption.

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