Why You Should Always Update Your Android Device

Why You Should Always Update Your Android Device

You’ve probably encountered notifications on your Android phone that a new patch and update is now available for download. Maybe, sometimes, you instantly update it once you received these kinds of notifications or, for whatever reason, you choose to delay or completely ignore it and just continue in using the current version of the software you have.

Ignoring to upgrade your software to its latest version is a missed opportunity to protect your device and your network. Android phone developers don’t just release updates without any reason so you shouldn’t just ignore the notifications. Here are some of the main reasons why should you always update your Android device to its latest software version.

1. To improve your cyber security

One of the main reasons why Android smartphones’ developers release patches and updates on their products is to keep them well protected against cyber attacks. Outdated software and operating systems are typical entry points used by attackers to exploit a targeted Android device.

If you continue to use outdated software for your Android phone, your phone will be at serious risk as the bugs and other exploitable holes that will be patched by the latest security or software update will still be lurking on your device.

2. To keep your files away from possible risks

Your Android phone probably stores some of your most important and confidential data. With outdated software your device is more vulnerable to attacks and all your data are prone to get infected by a virus or stolen by a cyber criminal.

One of the infamous malware threat that can infect your files is called ransomware. Ransomware uses advanced social engineering techniques to infect your Android device and get hold of the data inside it. If your Android device is regularly updated with the latest security patches and updates, you can significantly mitigate the risk of cyber attacks infecting your device.

3. To enjoy new and exciting features

Software updates are more than just fixing bugs and keeping your device safer. Developers uses updates to inject to the device a new feature that they have developed for an improved and more enjoyable smartphone experience. Software updates can also contain patches that add functionality to the existing features on your phone. Always keep your Android device updated so it never gets left behind on security patches.

Android smartphone makers continuously work to develop and regularly release software updates to patch possible vulnerabilities that may cause issues on your phone. But at the end of the day, Android users will still be the one in charge to ensure that their devices are running with the latest patches and updates. Always make sure to regularly check and update your Android phone’s software to prevent any cyber threat from infecting your device and data saved in it.

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