5 Ways Cyber Security Is Changing In 2024



Security whilst online has been paramount for many years and with the ever-advancing technology available to us, cybersecurity is constantly evolving. Whilst the internet is an invaluable resource for our modern lives, it can also be a dangerous place but with these new advances in security, 2020 is set to show changes in cybersecurity in both good and bad ways, in this article we are going to explain this to you.

5 Ways Cyber Security Is Changing In 2024

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI as it is more fondly know has been around for a while now, however, in 2020 it is estimated that this ever-changing form of technology is going to be used more frequently by those looking for targets online and by those trying to stop the ‘bad guys.’ This tech is able to detect patterns in online behavior and respond accordingly, leaving human intervention almost completely unnecessary.

2. 5G

There are a LOT of theories surrounding the rolling out of 5G, but until it is being widely used, no one can really predict its impact. However, one thing that is for sure is that it is something we will be exposed to this year and according to reports, it isn’t fully developed enough to withstand the high amount of threat online. Therefore, those at the top of tech are going to need to man all stations to keep on top of cybersecurity when using 5G.

3. Cyber Security Technology Platforms

This might seem like a complex term, and it is. However, in short, these platforms are essentially made up of five major components which will provide top-level security, and they look set to become a cybersecurity preference over the single-component tools of previous years.

4. Hackers Are Going To The Source

In years gone by hackers and cybercriminals would target individuals or companies but with the advances, we are seeing in technology, they are now able to target service providers. This means access to thousands of their customers and information. It sounds scary and it is. But on the flip side, these service providers also have access to just as innovative tech to fight the battle.

5. Risk Management

Attempting to handle individual cyber crimes is a fight that nobody is ever going to win. That being said, in 2020 it looks set to be more about managing the risks in order to put a stop to these types of crimes before the perpetrators have even had a chance to commit cybercrime. Businesses operating online now have access to an incredible amount of tools that can help them to prevent attacks, stopping them at the source.


It is astonishing how fast technology is moving forward and the speed at which this is happening is bound to translate into ever-changing online trends, and cybersecurity is no exception to this. If you are concerned about cybersecurity there are many tools and programs that you can use, funding this couldn’t be easier with the use of websites such as NowLoan which gives you the chance to find the best loans to fund your cybersecurity efforts.


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