Another malware- EternalRocks is more powerful than ransom attack

EternalRocks Malware

After the global cyber-attack, all the cyber security agencies are struggling to cope up with the original pace. And this attack has only intensified the cyber-crime leading to another malware called the EternalRocks.

The ransomware attacked 300,000 computers from 150 countries, but unlike the WannaCry the new cyber-attack gains access to all the information stored in the device and are lethal than the ransom attack. The main threat of this attack is that it can neither nor disabled nor killed. This new attack was discovered by the security expert and he warns that this attack if spread in the global network would lead to disastrous effect as this cyber-threat uses 7  best hacking tools to attack the computer system.

Also, the malware is designed in a way in which it cannot be detected, while the functions present in the device gets affected. Once when the device is infected, it gains authorization of the device so that the hackers can launch attacks.

When a device is affected by the EternalRocks malware, it automatically downloads the Tor browser where the illegal activities like human trafficking, illegal weapon selling, illegal activities and drug selling activities take place and it cannot be detected. The malware connects to the C&C server and starts downloading the 7 hacking tools.

The IT department and the cyber security experts have said to vigilant regarding the malware attack as it might cause an adverse effect to the cyber network.

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