India should utilize its ethical hacker resource

ethical hackers

India has an army of ethical hackers who protect the global organization and foreign technical companies from malicious attacks. The ethical hackers from the country are ranked in the bug bounties and have received rewards for identifying security loopholes. Among the 100,000 hackers, most of them are from India and a particular hacker under the name Geekboy has identified 700 loopholes in Uber, Yahoo, and Rockstar games.

The young technical geeks from the country are talented cracking the cyber network and the people who build the software are also aware of the ways to break the code. Though the country is loaded with enormous talents, the only countable number of Indian companies runs the bug bounties.

A 23-year-old security expert has earned $350,000 via bug bounties in Facebook. He said that the social media platform immediately responded to him, when he notified about the bug, but this is not the same in India. These kinds of acts are ignored in the country and the security engineers only receive legal notice or threatening emails.

Recently, the leading food and restaurant guide Zomato faced data breach, where the hacker stole seventeen million user records and threatened to sell the information if the company refuses to pay money. Earlier, a hacker had already breached the secure database. If the company had listened to the ethical hacker earlier this breach wouldn’t have happened.

The government of India should implement a bounty program to secure the system and make use of the impeccable talents of the country. As the future revolves around the digital platform, securing it should be a major concern.

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