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Benefits and Best Practices of Adaptive Security

The DevOps environment has been changing rapidly, and adaptive security has become a widely used response to this. The...

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Importance of Security Analytics

Security analytics is a process of collecting data, aggregating, and using tools to analyze the data in order to...

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What is the COBIT and why you need to know about it

Business processes today are largely dictated by the technology around them. Cloud computing, big data, and social media are...

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Memory Forensics The Key to Better Cybersecurity

When companies fall victim to a cyberattack, the first thing they do is eliminate the threat. But for cybersecurity...

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What Is an Intrusion Prevention System

When you need a tool to find and detect malicious activity within a network, an intrusion prevention system (IPS)...

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A Guide to Cyber Security Salary

In 2020, it is expected that the cyber security market will be around $170 billion. The Burning Glass Technologies...

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Best Mobile Antivirus Guide

Nowadays, the mobile phone industry is growing every year and it also uses more advanced technology, applications, and features....

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A Timeline of the Ashley Madison Hack

The news about the Ashley Madison hack has broken out at a very fast pace. Keeping up with the...

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Why should your health startup give priority to privacy and data security

As an entrepreneur, I saw companies grow with a laser focus on income and growth but not strict data...

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Advanced Persistent Threat What You Need to Know

Today, criminal organizations no longer attack corporations and businesses physically with weapons. Instead, they use computers and malware, aiming...

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