Bloomberg’s Singapore Tech Summit Discusses Cybersecurity in Detail

Bloomberg’s Singapore Tech Summit Discusses Cybersecurity in Detail

The Bloomberg ‘Sooner Than You Think’ technical summit in Singapore discusses all the different aspects of cybersecurity in Singapore.

Talking at the ‘Sooner Than You Think’, Janil Puthucheary, senior minister of state for communications and information explained how the country would handle cybersecurity and how plans to make the country technology-advanced would be executed.

A detailed press release published by Bloomberg says, “Singapore will continue monitoring risks of cybersecurity breaches and data hacks as those threats won’t go away, a senior government official said…Risks need to be managed but won’t prevent the government from building the city state into a technology-advanced one under its “Smart Nation” plan, Janil Puthucheary, senior minister of state for communications and information, said on Thursday at Bloomberg’s “Sooner Than You Think” technology summit in Singapore.”

‘Sooner Than You Think Singapore’ seeks to deliver insight into the future of cities and the “disruption and innovation” that’s already changing the world we live in, touching every aspect of our life. The smartest minds in the world of technology are brought together at the summit, where they conduct conversations aiming at finding solutions and also aiming at making the cities of the future “smart, safe and sustainable”.

The Bloomberg press release further quotes Janil Puthucheary as saying, “There is worry, and I think rightfully so, as we see issues of data privacy and cybersecurity around the world. We need to keep our eyes on that side of the house and make sure people understand that these are risks we’re willing to take because the benefits are so significant.”

On the global level, Singapore has made its mark with innovative thoughts and ideas, plus the great amount of research that goes into revolutionizing things in all sectors. The focus is on restructuring the country’s economy and elevating it to such heights that Singapore becomes a global center of innovation. In such a context, it’s only too natural that cybercriminals would eye the country and its economy and attempt to target it in all ways possible. Some recent cyberattacks targeting Singapore prove this.

In his talk at the Summit, Janil Puthucheary discussed the recently uncovered data breach at SingHealth, Singapore’s biggest public health-care group. He said, “We’re very clear that this was a deliberate and planned cyberattack. This wasn’t a leak of some sort.”

The Bloomberg press release refers to Puthucheary pointing out that this kind of a “rare data breach” requires people to “own the problem, fix it, and then work for a significant restoration of trust”.


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