The Horrifying Annabelle Virus

The Horrifying Annabelle Virus

Annabelle, remember that terrifying doll, and now here comes a virus associated with this name called “Annabelle Virus”. This is the outcome of a very talented hacker who just wants…

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Create Hackers

Wanna Create Hackers? 4 Basic Tips that Can Help Create Hackers…

It’s quite natural to dislike, or to be precise, hate, hackers. They cause you lots of damages and get away with your personal data and money. They are undoubtedly detestable….

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Open EDR
Crypto Miners Attack

Crypto-Miners Attack Thousands of Government Websites

More than 4000 government websites across the world has been attacked yet again, and this time again it’s the new player Cryptocurrency. The strain of malicious malware has made its way, as…

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hackers north korea stole funds south korean cryptocurrency exchanges 1

North Korean Hackers Stole Cryptocurrency Funds From South Korea

North Korean hackers have activated themselves and now targeting South Korea’s cryptocurrency agencies. Titled “North Korea Target South Cryptocurrency” the North Korean hackers directed at Seol’s financial system. According to Recorded Future,…

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Android Malware

Secret Hacking Group Using Android Malware to Spy on Thousands: Research Findings

Research findings suggest that a secret hacking group is carrying out a shadowy hacking campaign targeting thousands of people and firms spread across 21 countries. The group, which has been…

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DNS Hijacking Malware

DNS-Hijacking Malware Bypasses Antivirus and Infects Apple MacOS

Here’s a bit of a bad news for Mac users; there are reports about fresh malware that has successfully bypassed antivirus software and infected Mac OS. This malware, it’s reported,…

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McAfee Hackers

Pyeongchang Olympics Targeted By Hackers, McAfee Says

According to reports, the Winter Olympics slated to happen next month at Pyeongchang, South Korea is being targeted by hackers who seek to access sensitive information about the upcoming games….

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North korean Hackers

NoKor Hackers Behind Latest Round Of Spearphishiing

A recently published report indicates that a North Korean hacking group has launched a widespread malicious spearphishing campaign. It’s the US cybersecurity firm Secureworks that has published the report; the…

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IT security

Security Firm’s Domain Stolen by Hackers

A Dutch IT security firm had to face some unusual incident, when they came to know that cybercriminals have compromised their server and got access to some confidential information. This…

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Three Chinese Nationals Charged by US Court with Hacking Attacks

Three Chinese nationals have been charged by US courts with hacking attacks on three international corporations. As per reports, these Chinese citizens were running a cyber security firm in China…

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