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The Importance of Application Security Approach in Today’s Computing

SAP Addresses Log4Shell Vulnerability Patching in 20 Applications

Well over three billion devices run on Java worldwide. However, logging libraries are few, which is why many of the devices are most likely to run the popular logging framework,…

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What went wrong The Banco de Espana DDoS Attack

Ransomware, Trojans, DDoS Malware and Crypto-Miners Delivered in Log4Shell Attacks

Every single day, hundreds of thousands of internet users are victims of some form of cyberattack. The number of hackers is daily growing and so are their strategies. The different…

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Open EDR
Microsoft Warns Users About Ongoing Email Spam Campaign

Microsoft’s Loop Project Management Software

Microsoft has been developing a project collaboration solution for enterprise projects. The Loop app is now accessible to Microsoft 365 commercial customers.  The Loop app is an independent software on…

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Vietnam Cyber Attacks For 1st Half 2019 More Than Doubled

Warning: Cyberattacks Are on The Rise! IKEA’S Emailing Compromised

Phishing is an email or SMS from an imposter pretending to be from a legitimate brand to induce people to hand over private information, passwords, and financial card details. It…

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A Cyber Attack Costs Average 10.3 Million Too Big for SMEs

The Government of Taiwan Faces 5 Million Cyber Threats Daily

A report from government agencies in Taiwan indicates that the country faces over five million cyber probes and attacks daily. The report also warned of the rising Chinese cyber warfare,…

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Cases of Cyber Attacks in Kenya Rise to 11.2 million

Rise In Cyberattacks As Taiwan Government Faces Over 5 Million Cyberattacks Daily

Government agencies in Taiwan have been facing frequent cyber attacks. The island faces multiple threats daily, in the form of cyberattacks and probes. With attacks coming in the millions the…

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Google Still Going Strong Even After 3rd Antitrust Fine 1

Google Advisory on Android Security Updates

Defining zero-day A zero-day (0day) vulnerability is a security flaw for which there is no mitigation or fixes available at the time of press release or publication. Existing software fixes…

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Understanding Business Intelligence and Data Security 2

Adobe Fixes Gaping Vulnerability Glitches in 14 Software Products

Adobe recently released a collection of emergency patches with remedies for over 90 tabulated vulnerabilities that endanger Linux, macOS, and Windows users, exposing them to cruel cybercriminal attacks. The security…

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Youtube Video Content Creators and Channel Subscribers Cautioned Of Malicious Posers

YouTube Accounts Hijacked by Cookie Theft Malware

Google has reported that it disrupted the phishing attacks where threat actors had tried to hijack various YouTube accounts using cookie theft malware. The hijacker’s intent was to use those…

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The Technology That Prevent becoming a victim of Email Spoofing

Cyber Security Firm Wiz Raises $250 Million Taking Its Value to $6 Billion

On Monday, cyber security firm Wiz announced it had raised $250 million in a Series C financing round, which brings the entire amount raised by the company to 600 million…

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