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wordpress form builder

Are you looking for the best WordPress Form Builder?

It’s undeniable that most organizations are launching their websites through WordPress. And that’s why it’s crucial to find a form builder that offers easy plugins for the said platform. Online…

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form submission

What is Form Submission?

Are you looking to have people sign up with your company or respond to your survey questions? There is a new, less-hassle way to gather the data you need, and…

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Open EDR
form creator

What is an Online Form Builder and Why Do You Need It?

An online form builder is an application that helps gather feedback, valuable data and even collect payment without the help of experts. Most form makers also feature a drag-and-drop interface,…

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free form builder

Is There a Free Form Builder?

The search for a reliable free form builder grows more vital for individuals and businesses to automate their data collection process. Choosing powerful software will allow you to enjoy all…

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Apple released patches to address vulnerabilities in the High Sierra

U.S. Warns Against Russian Cyber Threats Amid Heightened Ukraine Tension

Different government agencies based in the United States have joined together in issuing cybersecurity advisory. The advisory was a summation of cyber activities that were connected to Russia in one…

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Form Builder

Looking For a Form Builder? Here are Some Applications To Try

Are you looking to customize forms for your organization? Then getting a form builder may be what you need. Online form builders are beneficial for collecting data from customers, employees,…

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registration forms

Online Form Builders That Lets You Create Registration Forms

Planning for a big event but don’t know where to get started to gather participants? The answer is simple: optimized registration forms. And don’t just go with form builders that…

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Telegram Gained 3 Million New Users Due To Facebook Downtime 1

Purple Fox Rootkit Discovered In Malicious Telegram Installers

After steady research, it has been discovered that there are fake Telegram installers online with malicious intent. By distributing a malicious downloader alongside the actual Telegram for the desktop installer,…

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Cases of Cyber Attacks in Kenya Rise to 11.2 million

Norwegian Media Behemoth is the Latest Victim of Cybercrime

Amedia, a Norwegian print house, is the latest victim of cyberattacks that the company has termed an apparent “severe” cyberattack. The attack took place in the wee hours of Monday…

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mobile app

Alibaba Punished By The Chinese Government For Failing To Tell It About The Log4Shell Flaw First

The ministry of information technology in China has opted to pull back from its collaboration with Alibaba temporarily. The ministry deals with industry and issues involving IT and has collaborated…

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