Leaklocker Ransomware

Leaklocker Ransomware Threatens to Leak Private Data

Leaklocker is a new “Humiliating” Ransomware that threatens to leak private information on an infected smartphone to all people on the telephone and email contact list on the device. This…

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Cyber Thieves Incorporate Genuine Applications To A Malware

Malwarebytes, a cybersecurity firm identifies that the cyber criminals are around with a new strategy of infusing genuine apps into the malware to get a stipulated task done more effectively….

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Open EDR
CopyCat Android Malware

CopyCat Android Malware Infects 14 Million Android Devices

CopyCat, an Android malware, is currently making headlines by infecting almost 14 million devices. Recent malware attacks like WannaCry ransomware and Petya/NotPetya malware have lashed across nations and caused untold damage….

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Mac Malware

MacSpy, MacRansom: New Strains of Mac Malware

Two new strains of Mac malware are making the rounds, as per recent reports. They are being offered through Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) portals on the dark web. Security researchers at AlienVault…

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Koler Ransomware

Ransomware Infects US Android Users with Fake PornHub Apps

Here’s a malware, a ransomware that targets visitors to adult-themed websites, that too in the US only and tries to lure them via a fake PornHub app. Koler, the ransomware…

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Chinese Malware

You May Be Infected With this New Dangerous Malware

The digital world is suffering yet another malware attack. Hundreds of thousands of endpoints worldwide were attacked in May by the WannaCry ransomware. More recently, a malware called Judy has…

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Mac Malware

Your Mac’s Health: Here’s What You Need To Know

MacBook has earned goodwill from consumers for years because of its superior security compared to other laptops on the market. But this goodwill may be waning, as cyber-attacks have threatened…

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EternalRocks Malware

Another malware- EternalRocks is more powerful than ransom attack

After the global cyber-attack, all the cyber security agencies are struggling to cope up with the original pace. And this attack has only intensified the cyber-crime leading to another malware…

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Malware 1

Find Malware Before it Hurts You

It is easy to track malware before it causes severe damage. A new research report reveals that network analysis can easily identify malware in advance. The researchers analyzed 27 million…

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UK Security

UK downs the security level from ‘critical’ to ‘severe’

Prime Minister Theresa May announced that UK has lowered its security threat level. They have done it from “critical” to “severe”. According to the report of Reuters, police hunted the…

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