Cyber security and strategy

Cyber Security 2

Cybersecurity is a practice that ensures that all the information, confidentiality and availability are intact and not compromised with. It depends on how you keep them safe and in case of any adversaries, how to recover that information. Having said that one should keep in mind how the hackers and those involved in developing malicious codes to break into systems are smarter than you. This situation poses a serious threat to the business community across the world, and it has been critical to cybersecurity and network security.

Security should be the first priority for any organization, and the kind of attacks that happens every other day demands that you have a stronger cybersecurity control. Make sure the employees are well trained in the infrastructure policy.

Security training

Human beings are the most vulnerable creatures if we have to say that because we tend to make mistakes, and it sometimes it cost us, dearly. Training employees and coders will be a good step forward to keep them in the loop with the security measures. Special emphasis should be given to them on detecting and downloading attachments from unknown sources. How to make sure which website is fake and phishing. The organization should ensure they don’t keep sensitive data in the open with weak credentials.

A good cybersecurity strategy needs to go beyond these basics, though. Sophisticated hackers can circumvent most defenses, and the attack surface — the number of ways or “vectors” an attacker can gain entry to a system — is expanding for most companies. For example,

Cybersecurity strategy should be robust since most hackers are a step ahead and they tend to crack the loop easily and gain entry to a system. According to CSO, J.M. Porup “The information and the physical world are merging, and criminals now threaten cyber-physical systems like cars, power plants, medical devices, IoT refrigerators. Similarly, BYOD and cloud computing and the burgeoning internet of things (IoT) create new challenges. Defending these systems has never been critical now.”

Kinds of cybersecurity

There is enough cybersecurity mode on this planet. Some of them are defined below:

Infrastructure Security

Important infrastructure means systems which the society relies on, like the electricity grid, traffic light, water purification. Once you are connected to the internet, it becomes a danger zone for you. So the situation demands you perform a thorough audit of your infrastructure and close all the vulnerabilities and keep the security tight.

Networking Security

Secure your network and firewall in a way that secures you from unauthorized intrusion and malicious virus injection. This can be in form of access control, and multiple logins etc.

Do not use tools to monitor network security since it generates tons of data, and it is very likely that you miss out a few of the alerts. Enroll machine learning facilities to monitor such security which will flag abnormal traffic and alert the admin of the unusual activity.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is yet another challenge. We have seen how in the current year breaches happened in the cloud environment due to a poorly configured cloud platform. Cloud providers are giving away new tools for business owners to secure their data, but this will not help, and also keep in mind that moving to the cloud does not solve the problem when it comes to cybersecurity.

Application security

Application development and deployment to the cloud has become the weakest technical point of attack, but only a few organizations mitigate all the web vulnerabilities. We have seen how DevOps teams typically prioritize business needs over security, it is likely to change given the kind of attacks that are happening.

Security architect

A good security architect understands the business and aligns it with the technical world. They plan, analyze, configure, implement, and design the system to support the organization’s network security. This needs to know the business with complete awareness of its technology and information needs.



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