NVIDIA Invests In AI-Based Cyber Security Startup

Nvidia Invests in Deep Instinct

Support for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in many fields, and cyber security is no different. Prompted by this trend, NVIDIA has invested in Deep Instinct, an Israeli startup focused on using deep learning to thwart cyber-attacks.

“Artificial intelligence is the most important technology trend of our era,” said Jeff Herbst, vice president of business development at NVIDIA. “Deep Instinct is an emerging leader in applying GPU-powered AI through deep learning to address cyber security, a field ripe for disruption as enterprise customers migrate away from traditional solutions. NVIDIA is excited to be working together with Deep Instinct to advance this important field.”

Researchers investigating the application of AI to cyber security report that AI demonstrated an 85% success rate in detecting cyber-attacks. This is below the figure for traditional Antivirus solutions, 92%. And it is far worse than the 100% success rate achieved by some more advanced technologies such as default-deny and containment.

How Does it Work?

Deep Instinct states that its deep-learning solution can defeat 99% of cyber-attacks, from known malware to “first-seen” attacks. Deep Instinct’s solution is robust, with the capability to run on any device. It is lightweight and has no need to check any known virus-signature database or connect to the cloud to analyze files.

Deep Instinct adds that their deep learning technology “can detect malicious behavior across multiple vectors and provides adaptive defenses against the most advanced cyber-attacks.” With fully-automated and integrated response capabilities, this AI can rapidly eliminate threats.

To thwart cyber-attacks, all that the Deep Instinct solution needs is a neural network that has been trained to recognize hundreds of millions of malicious and benign files.

Deep Instinct has raised $32 million in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by CNTP and other strategic investors like Coatue Management as well as NVIDIA.

“Evidence validating Deep Instinct’s deep learning technology suggested we needed to raise significant capital to accelerate our deployments in the U.S. and global markets. Through this new infusion of capital, we will work towards augmenting many of the existing end-point solutions and replacing those that are failing under the test of new threats every day,” said Deep Instinct Chief Executive and Co-founder Guy Caspi in a press release.

NVIDIA has also invested in other AI startups such as:

ABEJA- focusing on AI-powered retail analytics systems

Datalogue- an AI data-minnig platform

ElementAI- helping quickly integrate AI capabilities

Optimus Ride- develops fully autonomous vehicles

SoundHound- Voice-enabled AI solutions

TempoQuest- GPU-accelerated weather forecasting

Zebra Medical- uses AI to read medical images

The exciting potential of an AI application in cyber-security prompted NVIDIA to invest in Deep Instinct.

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