Mandy Haeburn tries to accelerate the business community in Scotland after the cyber attack

Haeburn Accelerates Business Community After Ransomware Attack

The recent ransomware attack crippled global networks, threatening the internet and critical digital infrastructure. Attacks of this kind can be expected to increase in frequency in the future. The ransomware,…

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Data Breach

Data Breaches have become a common threat in online transactions

Data breaches are becoming more common as hackers invent new and improve old ways to access companies’ customer databases. Since 2005, there have been more than 900 million individual records and seven-thousand data…

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Open EDR
ETF Cyber Attack

Online Security ETF surged by a wave of Cyber Attack

There was attack this weekend and it lead to gaining on speculation on Monday. Companies such as FireEye Inc. provides services for software security. The estimation was made that this…

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